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How to Choose a Zoom Work from Home Background

by | Jun 25, 2020

Some will view the chance to peer into people’s homes through video conferencing as a positive result of the Covid pandemic – others will view it as an irritant. Creatives and corporate staff discovered they can still get work done via Zoom after Covid-19 put a temporary stop to office meetings. It has been an opportunity to see colleagues and friends in an entirely different setting – in their own home surrounded by personal nicnacs.

Zoom Background Accessories

12 prints of fruits on antiqued paper


Play it safe background for both creative and corporate Zoomers. Twelve framed prints of fruits – on antique-effect paper.


two dark green triangular marble bookends


Bookshelves have become all the rage as Zoom background display – here are two dark green marble bookends to seriously glam up the look…


Artificial Ranunculus & Hop Bunch - White


After bookshelves, flowers and plants are the most popular Zoom background… flowers get expensive, but not these artificial Ranunculus & Hop Bunch – beautiful and fresh looking all year round.


What is the best background for a video conference

Some people have been less careful with the image they present, others have picked their surroundings with great skill and thought, and sometimes with branding in mind. The best background depends on what kind of conference and business you are in. If you work in the corporate world you’ll want to project a professional environment and image.

In the creative world you’ll also want to look the part and give a strong visual impression. You’ll probably have bookshelves as your background if you work in the literary sphere. And as a gardener you might want to place the laptop outside on a garden table – or indoors showing lots of plants.

Most Common Zoom Video Conference Background

The most popular Zoom background appears to be bookshelves. And unbelievably … another popular choice is the bed. Far too many people chose – inexplicably – to Zoom from their bedroom with duvets and cushions as their background. Some people Zoom from the corner of their sofa, surrounded by cushions or in front of a blank wall. On other Zoom screens just one picture hangs on the wall, or a plant sits on a coffee table artistically visible in the corner of the screen.

Sitting Comfortably: Six Lockdown Lifesaver Cushions

Donut cushion to support back and tailbone


Doctor designed support cushion for back and bottom - 5-year warranty. Quite firm to sit on compared to others cushions. Machine-washable cover.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Soft and comfortable dual sit bone cushion with two holes


Added softness and comfort while lifting the hips up on the seat - also with memory foam, protecting the sit bone from pressure in front of the computer.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Sit bone cushion for working and travelling with two holes to relieve back pain


Our personal favourite and prized possession - helps straighten the back and protect the sit bone from pressure. Can spend hours in front of the computer.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Pink and white sit bone cushion


Two holes to relieve pressure on lower part of the hip bone, the hamstring, buttocks and waist. Ergonomic contour and a pretty pink.

Cushions under £20  |  $28

HIgh density memory foam posture cushion


Enhanced memory foam, this wedge cushion will contour to the body's pressure points to support and help alleviate pain.

Cushions under £20  |  $28

Soft beige memory foam sit cushion


A lightweight cushion to carry with you to and from the office (or get two). Supports the hamstring, buttocks and waist. Very soft!

Cushions under £20  |  $28

What does your Zoom background reveal about you?

At first, as people started working from home as lockdown came into effect, Zoom was incredibly revealing and fun. Most people struggled with the technical side and hadn’t put too much thought into the rest. We saw colleagues, virtual pub quizzers and TV interviewees as they truly lived. And we saw the kinds of books they read in their spare time which could sometimes be a embarassingly funny…

Often they’d thrown book horizontally on top of otherwise neatly stasked shelves – busy lives or were they just a little messy? Occasionally, the background looked so odd or fabulous that it overshadowed what the person was saying.But we’re getting a little savvier. We’re used to lockdown and we now think about not just what our home looks like on the screen to colleagues or family and friends. We are now thinking how we WANT people to see us and our homes. We see more colour coded book shelves and blank walls have become beautifully curated gallery walls.

Gallery wall for Zoom background

Picture by Joyce McCown

Video Conferencing Background as a Business

Now that many of us are more likely to be working from home in future, entrepreneurs have turned Zoom life into a business. Companies selling “gallery wall” type paintings are springing up everywhere – particularly online.

Others prefer a “virtual” background to thier zoom experience – or for others to see them in a more exotic setting. Zoom itself offers a feature allowing an image or video as background during a virtual meeting. With a green screen and controlled lighting, Zoom detects the difference between ther person and his or her background.

Work from Home and Home Decor

Picture by Joyce McCown

The fun may have fizzled out of Zoom meetings – from now we expect more of those who work from home. Our meeting background says a lot about us – but it’s an opportunity to get creative and brand ourselves.

  •  Do we hide our home base with a virtual background – what kind of setting?
  • Do we have a book case or sheves as our background to signal a serious image?
  • Do we show off our new couch and terrific coffee table and lamps?
  • Do we appear more casual by Zooming from the kitchen table?
  • Do NOT Zoom from the bedroom with your bed in the background – too much information…
  • How about in front of the gallery wall? But what do the pictures say?
  • Do we create a special space for Zooming – with a desk and office accessories on show?

As we get to grips with working from home and have more meetings online from our livingrooms – we’ll be zooming in on home decor and design over the next few years.

Me Time: Handcare & Sanitiser

A plant based hand soap by Diptyque with sweet almond oil


A plant based hand soap, with sweet almond oil - gives you a delicate fragranced foam: lively, floral and delicately fruity. Good enough to eat (no don't!)

£22  |  $31

A body & hand lotion by Jo Malone that is easily absorbed to hydrate and condition the skin

Jo Malone

A body & hand lotion that is easily absorbed to hydrate and condition, the skin. While fragrance-diffusing properties help radiate scent from the skin. 

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Hand sanitiser 70% alcohol surgical medical grade

Ocean Free

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