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Working from Home: Sitting comfortably on a sit bone cushion

Working from Home: How to Sit Comfortably with a Sit Bone Cushion

by | Mar 15, 2020

Have you been covering your work from home chair with sofa cushions and anything else you can lay your hands on because it makes your bottom or back hurt? If the answer is yes, here’s your lockdown lifesaver: the sit bone cushion, a specially constructed cushion that supports your posture and bottom beautifully. For many of us, tired of shifting around, getting up to make teas – any excuse to sit down for more than 10 minutes at a time – the sit bone cushion has been a game changer.

It has made it possible to sit down at length without pain and to get on with our work on the computer. And even though many of the cushions are made by experts – doctors and physios – they are surprisingly affordable, ranging from ca. £10 ($15) to £70 ($85). They come in different shapes and sizes, from the simple donut cushion with a single hole in the middle to cushions with twin holes, moulding and memory foam.

Sitting Comfortably: Six Lockdown Lifesaver Cushions

Donut cushion to support back and tailbone


Doctor designed support cushion for back and bottom - 5-year warranty. Quite firm to sit on compared to others cushions. Machine-washable cover.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Soft and comfortable dual sit bone cushion with two holes


Added softness and comfort while lifting the hips up on the seat - also with memory foam, protecting the sit bone from pressure in front of the computer.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Sit bone cushion for working and travelling with two holes to relieve back pain


Our personal favourite and prized possession - helps straighten the back and protect the sit bone from pressure. Can spend hours in front of the computer.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Pink and white sit bone cushion


Two holes to relieve pressure on lower part of the hip bone, the hamstring, buttocks and waist. Ergonomic contour and a pretty pink.

Cushions under £20  |  $28

HIgh density memory foam posture cushion


Enhanced memory foam, this wedge cushion will contour to the body's pressure points to support and help alleviate pain.

Cushions under £20  |  $28

Soft beige memory foam sit cushion


A lightweight cushion to carry with you to and from the office (or get two). Supports the hamstring, buttocks and waist. Very soft!

Cushions under £20  |  $28

Reducing Pressure on the Bony Parts when sitting on a home office chair

Our own starter cushion was the donut, particularly good for the back. Many of us seldom lean back in the chair – instead we slouch in front of the laptop screen. But the donut forces us to sit upright – while protecting our bottom from the hard surface. The two-hole cushion – often referred to as the sit bone cushion – is particularly good for those whose bottom (or sit bones) start to ache after a while. It is also good for those with hamstring injuries. It is like sitting on air.

Different Support Cushions for Different Problems when Working from Home

Perhaps you’re working from the kitchen table at home – either permanently or because of work from home rules that came into effect following the Covid pandemic. But the kitchen chair is only designed to support us for a short period while eating our breakfast or lunch. The alternative is an ergonomic office chair in the kitchen – unsightly and for some expensive. Here, the specially designed cushion is, and has been, a welcome new home accessory.

Sit bone cushion in Gustavian style chair

From our own experience, having tried and invested in a few, we can’t recommend the sit bone cushion highly enough. Save your expensive or treasured sofa cushions for social occasions and try out the real thing: there is a cushion for almost every back or bottom problem: tail bone, sit bone, hamstring, bed sores, post natal, hemorrhoids…

Get to know exactly where your problem lies – and whether it’s as a result of poor posture when sitting down, sitting in front of the computer for too long, wrong chair, back or lower back problems, old or new sports injury in the legs, ie hamstring issue, or other – then search the shops or online for the designs that address your specific problem.

What are the Specs of the Support Cushions?

The donut or doughnut cushion – the foam ring cushion with a hole in the centre – is good for back support. Sizes are approx. 14″ x 17″ (or 35cm x 43cm). And some are shaped asymmetrically – elevated in one end to lift your bottom or knees higher from the seat depending on how you place it on the seat and what makes you feel most comfortable. The cushion on the left in our shopping section above has been designed by a team of doctors and physio therapists, and the seller has so much confidence in it that it comes with a five-year warranty and 100 days to return it – no questions asked.

The Pros and Cons of Support Cushions – and How to Work Around Them

Wherever the pain is – first and foremost consult a GP. It is important to know where the problem lies and how serious it is, and how to cure it. But most often our problems are ones that have to be managed and here is where the specially developed support cushins can help – both alleviate any pain and to some degree if not fully prevent it from getting worse.

There are few cons to the sit bone cushion in our experience… except this, it is not smart looking – the specialists and designers have not yet thought of how it fits in with the rest of our interior design. Covers are removable, but they are clinical rather than fashionable, so far.

They don’t flatter the chair. Aesthetically, the cushions are not pleasing, but when the back or bottom hurst, style flies out the window and it’s time to find ways to make our home, and home office environment comfortable. Many support cushions are, however, simple and sleek, hygenic, washable and the best of them come with a  removable washable cover. The sit bone cushion is an absolute lifesaver and, of course, it can be easily stored out of sight once guests start arriving…..


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