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Carpet vs. Wood – How to choose a Floor for your Scandi Style Home

by | Apr 14, 2020


  • Why Millennials want Wooden Flooring
  • Times Change: Why Carpet went out of Fashion
  • Flooring in Magazines and on Influencer’s Instagram Pictures
  • Scandinavian Flooring – the Nordic Choice
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood and Carpet

Surprisingly, experts take a neutral stand when asked what is better – a wooden floor or carpet in the home.

At DU we are biased – we are firmly in favour of a wooden floor.

But there are advantages and disadvantages to both and let’s deal with those below.

Why Millennials want Wooden Flooring

Wood has won the battle of wood vs. carpet in the last 30 years – at DU we rememer when most homes were luxuriously carpeted.

That was back in the 1980s.

As we headed towards the millennium, fashion shifted. Wood was considered chic, cleaner, easier to maintain.

As more people bought into the buy-to-let schemes and rented out their homes, practicality became a big issue.

And wooden flooring was what young professionals renting homes near their place of work wanted.

Picture by Rahul Chakraborty

Times Change: Why Carpet went out of Fashion

Wall to wall carpets are now a rare sight in homes for sale or rent.

A carpeted sittingroom became associated with tliving in the past, the living space of the elderly.

Carpets became uncool – and you couldn’t simply wipe away the redwine after a drinks party.

In fact, imitation wood – often 100 percent waterproof – was introduced and is a popular replacement for wood, and much cheaper.

But flooring experts have news for those who still prefer the cosiness of a thickly carpeted livingroom.

Carpet technology has improved so much in the last two decades that maintenance is no longer an issue, according to experts at Garant in Aarhus, Denmark.

Cleaning products and machines are so sophisticated they can remove almost any stain effectively.

Flooring in Magazines and on Influencers’ Instagram Pictures

Younger people get their information from their peers, influencers and magazines, according to Scandinavian flooring experts.

And the magazines and Instagram are full of pictures inside minimalist homes with wooden or even marble and stone floors – even in the cold North.

People often come into the store with a picture on their mobile phone or a magazine cutout and saying they want exactly that.

Surprisingly many, particularly younger style conscious homeowners, want what their friends and peers have, regardless of their lifestyle.

But they are also open to expert advice. A new floor is a big investment and something they’ll have to live with for years.

People often come into a flooring store asking for one thing but ending up buying another – after listening to advice.

Scandinavian Flooring – the Nordic Choice

A glossy wooden floor is a common sight, but the Scandis prefer the matt look.

Light coloured wood and glazed – but treated with a non-shiny glaze – is the floor of choice in Nordic homes.

The glazing is so low-grade that the result is virtually invisible to the eye – the wood still looks natural.

Advantages of Wooden Floor:

  • Easy to clean
  • Stays on trend for longer
  • Versatile: easy to match with different tastes of decor
  • Faux wood versions looking more like the real thing

Disadvantaegs of a Wooden Floor:

  • Harder on the feet than a carpet
  • Doesn’t give like a carpet
  • More difficult to fix underlying boards and beams
  • Real wood expensive

Advantages of a Carpet:

  • Cosier vibe
  • Warmer in the winter
  • Softer to walk on

Disadvantages of Carpets:

  • Less easy to clean than wiping a wooden floor clean
  • Collects dirt more easily
  • Not on trend

Picture by Jean Philippe Delberghe

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