Fifty shades of white: winter wall decor

Looking for Scandi-appropriate wall decor is easy during the cooler months of January-March. Snowcapped mountains and snow storms are in vogue this season.

A new-look Affordable Art Fair kicked off in Battersea and there was plenty of white around: oil on panels, acrylic on canvas, photographs etc. Prices of paintings are between £70 and £6,000 and this year organisers had mixed it up…

Brand new galleries and artists showing and paintings were literally flying off the walls as we walked in on the opening night. And gone were some of the more poppy works.

Cool winter images by Edward Burtynsky and Paul Treasure

There were fewer paintings of celebrities – Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss and David Bowie are among favourites with todays pop artists – and more originality on show. And what’s wrong with simple oils on canvas?

What particularly caught my eye was Paul Treasure’s Fade (below). It can be anything you want it to be, but to me and many of us it’s a painting (oil) of people caught in the snow.

If you’ve been up north with the snow pelting down and the wind blowing in all directions, you’ll know how this feels: you won’t be able to see more than a couple of meters in front of you.

Fade by Paul Treasure

Photographer Edward Burtynsky, who has been showing a retrospective at the Saatchi gallery near Sloane Square is now showing his latest images at Flowers Gallery in Cork Street.

Burtynsky’s large scale photographs are at first beautiful and even romantic looking – almost painterly. But study them carefully and hear the story behind each photograph and they actually show our brutal exploitation of nature: how we are literally sucking the life out of beautiful landscapes, deserts, forests and mountains.

In February Burtynsky was in conversation with historian and British broadcaster Simon Shama at Saatchi’s – a sombre, but enlightening event with the two discussing the power of art in addressing the urgent issues of our times.


While, unlike my fellow Scandi Greta, I’m no climate warior, Burtynsky’s images are indeniably stunning as well as eyeopeners.

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