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Dark Scandi Nordic style bedroom

Winter Blues – Top Tips on How to Brighten Up a Dark and Depressing Bedroom

by | Jan 17, 2021

Letting in the light is the first thought in most Scandi homes as we start furnishing and decorating. Curtains are therefore key items to consider before even the tables and chairs. The first question is what kind of window dressing: curtains, blinds, shutters…? Shutters give the room a tidy formal look, while curtains add cosiness, or glamour. Generous helpings of material teamed with richly coloured tiebacks and large holdbacks are powerful promoters of the Scandi Boho Luxe look.

Letting the light bounce around the room is the second trick to lift the mood and the look of the bedroom. Although we spend most of the time in the bedroom sleeping, ie unaware of our surroundings, it’s also the last place we see before we close our eyes and the dreams (or nightmares) begin. Let’s make our bedroom a gorgeous place which makes us look forward to going to bed every night.

The DU Bedroom Style

Off white bedroom cushion with mini fringe


Pure Scandi bedroom look - stonewashed linen cushion in different faded colour tones a lace-fringed border - adds a little something.

£86 incl. pad

Soho Home golden dressing gown

Soho Home

It looks better on...this dressing gown is pure gold - we wear it every day. Thick, light and soft it makes the time before bed so much nicer. Also the perfect work from home uniform.


Bedroom trunk


Simple Scandi country style storage trunk for the bedroom. Looks stunning at the foot of the bed or placed under the window. Few left in stock.

Window Dressing – How to glam up plain Curtains

Those familiar with Nordic style and design will know we do prefer white and plain to anything too overpowering – so you’ll see lots of white curtains in Scandi homes. But white curtains does not mean dull – there are many ways to make white curtains work to your advantage.

White curtains let in and filter light more efficiently than dark or patterned ones. They are also more peaceful to look at and allow the rest of the decor in the room to stand out. But there is a way to add splash to understated curatins – by using fantastic tiebacks.

Tiebacks come in many shapes and sizes but but the best ones are not easily accessible from the stores. Some research into specialists is often required to find good tiebacks – many are made to order – but there are some available by good design companies which add true wow factor to the window space. Long, thick, richly coloured tiebacks with single or double tassels. 

Accessories that pick up the Light from outsite and lift the Mood

White curtains letting in natural light in a bedroom
White flowers and accessories reflecting light in a bedroom

Me Time: Handcare & Sanitiser

A plant based hand soap by Diptyque with sweet almond oil


A plant based hand soap, with sweet almond oil - gives you a delicate fragranced foam: lively, floral and delicately fruity. Good enough to eat (no don't!)

£22  |  $31

A body & hand lotion by Jo Malone that is easily absorbed to hydrate and condition the skin

Jo Malone

A body & hand lotion that is easily absorbed to hydrate and condition, the skin. While fragrance-diffusing properties help radiate scent from the skin. 

£42  |  $58

Hand sanitiser 70% alcohol surgical medical grade

Ocean Free

Made in the UK surgical-grade hand sanitiser with high emollient content that reduces the drying effect on the skin. Easy to use in a beautifully simple bottle.

Prices vary according to size.

White Bedlinen and Covers give us a Feeling of Cleanliness

There are trends for dark bedlinen – such as black silk (waaa!) and branded logoed designer sheets – but nothing is as reassuring, peaceful and luxurious as crisp, clean, ironed bright white sheets and covers. It’s a good feeling as we wind down and switch off the light before going to sleep – hoping it will a be a good sleep that will have us fully rested and revitalised when we wake up the next day. For added comfort it is worth investing in cotton sheets, tightly woven Egyptian cotton.

Dark bedroom with white linen

Picture by Rheme Kallianpur

Accessories – How Mirrors, Cushions, Rugs & Flowers can throw Light and create Hygge before going to Bed

The easiest thing would be to flick a switch and there is the light. But that isn’t how we lift the mood or ambiance of a room. Lighting up a room is done with the things that the sun or an electric light falls on, ie accessories. What things do you want to highlight in your bedroom? The flowers? The rug? The bed cover? The chest of drawers? The painting on the wall or the photo on the bedside table?

A mirror is the most effective thrower of light and also an accessory that creates extra space – or the illusion of added space. It expands the room and amplifies what light the sun shines through the window. Placement of a mirror is key – clever arrangement can see the mirror cast light round corner and spaces which the sun can’t reach.

Flowers – particularly pale flowers – don’t just add light to a room but by their scent and happy or peaceful thoughts usually associated with them they help lift the mood. And that leads to the other thing that brightens up a bedroom and any room – Hygge.

Shop Fabulous Scandi Boho Luxe Cushions

Yellow embroidered cotton canvas cushionss, opening with invisible zipper.


Pure cotton canvas with yellow embroidery – affordable luxury. This cushion has yellow stitching with a vintage feel on a bright white cotton canvas for a modern Scandi touch.

Luxurious golden Stockholm Stitch fabric cushion with fringe

Soho Home

Luxurious Stockholm Stitch fabric, textured cotton cover, bespoke gold tonal eyelash fringing – and made in the UK. This is a beautifully understated cushion. Join the waiting list…


Floral patterned cushion in 100 percent linen with fringe


Inspired by Indian floral patterns, combined wiht stripes and swirls for modern twist, this cushion is pure Scand Boho. 100% linen.

£86 incl. pad

Cosy is that snug feeling when we’re at peace and just enjoying the moment. If there are two things that illustrate Hygge then it’s doubtless candles and cushions. Cushions prop us up, make us feel comfortable and can look super chic – things key to Nordic living.

Large high-quality cushions are a good investment to help make our bedroom both chic and a place where we really feel comfortable and at peace – which will help us get that important good night’s sleep.

Blue bedroom with blue cushions

Picture by Devon Janse an Rensburg


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