Welcome to Vogue Scandinavia – How to Create Nordic Style Luxe

Vogue Scandinavia 1st issue

Brilliant! Big welcome to Vogue Scandinavia …what took it so long, we might ask? The world’s leading glossy will cover the best design in the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Findland and Iceland. Much has been written and said about the Nordic look, but it has ben in the shade of super creative French and Italian designers in other established Vogue editions.

Still Scandi design has pushed its way to the front row in recent years. Home decor, fashion, jewelry, food, architecture and engineering, and films. Think of names such as BoConcept, By Malene Birger, Pandora, Noma, the bridge between Denmark and Sweden and award winning films such as The Hunt, Festen and Another Round. There’s more than enough to fill a bumper glossy each month.

Vogue Scandinavia spread - The Simple Life

As ever the big question is who is on the cover of the launch issue this August? Greta Thunberg may be a surprise pick, but this edition is rather unexpected and right-on…. Sustainability is the buzz word in this launch edition so perhaps little surprise they should go for the most famous Scandi today. Greta is not a regular on the catwalk but her cover shot is a refreshing move.

Greta Thunberg on the Cover of the first Vogue Scandinavia

We’ll be looking closely at VS’s interior pages. One of them says about Scandinavian design: “The world looks to our interiors as a masterclass in clean lines – the pinnacle of chic simplicity.

“It’s about filling the space with pieces you love – pieces that tell a story, pieces that if you held an ear close enough would have a beating heart.”

We couldn’t agree more…the Nordic look is as much about what is NOT there as the story behind what IS there.

When people criticise Scandi minimalism for being dull, too neutral, monochrome, too white or too grey, often it’s because they’ve been influenced by magazines or blogs which pretend to be Scandi.

Vogue Scandinavia promises us a mix of art, design, accessories and lifestyle pieces from all the Scandinavian counties, which we can’t wait to see.

Vogue Scandinavia spread - Influence

Scandinavian Beauty – Get the Look, Whoever and Wherever, Naturally

Another big issue in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland is beauty – natural beauty. A contradiction in terms, possibly, but more than a dozen top beauty brands have sprung up in the last decade. They all focus on a healthy, youthful and natural look, which is music to our ears.

Browsing the beauty shelves of Magasin, a favourite department store, or shopping mall, in Denmark is pure joy. There are rows of cleansers and moisturisers produced by people who really know what they are doing.

At DU we’ll check them out – not the ‘warpaint’, as you’ll see from our own beauty blog posts we are vehemently against unnecessary cosmetic surgery. It is possible to age gracefully and beautifully without injections. Fillers make you look “different”, not younger. We are, however, for surgery for medical reasons.

We’ll check out the cremes and products that help us get the Scandi look. It’s the look that makes us feel at home wherever we are and one everyone can get if we care about ourselves.

Nordic Art – How to Decorate with Scandi Collector’s Pieces

Then there’s art…the Scandi art scene has gathered pace in the last decade. Old masters from Skagen in the far north of Denmark have benefitted from a raised awareness about creativity and home decor. And new street artists, young and old, have built incredible brands from scratch.

As a result, land- and seascapes by painters such as Holger Drachman and Michael Ancher often hang side by side with punchy graffiti canvasses by Poul Pava or Christian von Hornsleth in the modern Danish home. Each work of art tells a story, together they create their own universe.

How to Create the Nordic Modern Home with Vogue Scandinavia

We expect a lot from the furniture pages of the new Vogue Scandinavia. The Nordic countries have been leading lights in the past century when it comes to chairs and lighting. And there is room for incredible, innovative displays of interior in the coffee table glossy.

Names such as Arne Jacobsen, who created the Egg Chair have long gone. Nanna Ditzel designed the Trinidad Chair (it’s our favourite, you see it in all airports, it’s gorgeous!). AND Louis Poulsen designed the PH Lamp (in every Danish home). Those were greats and their pieces have become design icons. Vogue Scandinavia will, hopefully, help us discover the new Nordic classics.\

However, there is some disappointment the first edition, which is person focused. Interviews and person profiles dominate the magazine. The magazine is not the feast for the eyes we had expected. Soon it will run out of profiles. And wokeness will be a fleeting trend…Big welcome Vogue Scandinavia, can’t wait!

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