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Top Scandi Beauty Products for a Natural Look

by | Nov 7, 2021

At last, after several lockdowns and quarantine obstacles, a proper trip to the shops in Denmark to see the beauty products on offer. And it’s almost been worth the wait: shelves were bursting with good, clean and often organic products – all in beautifully simple packaging.

And emphasis is on clean, healthy products – not ‘miracle’ potions which promise to take 20 years off in no time, but carefully researched and produced creams and cleansers by highly experienced professionals.

We counted over a dozen Danish beauty produts in one department store alone – quite something for a tiny country. The first brand to catch our eye as we browsed among the beauty counters was Tromborg, a Danish family owned line promising a ‘commitment to simplicity, biointelligence, purity and science behind beauty’.


Indeed, the simplicity of its little boxes, pots and tubes – where white is the dominant colour, is so delicious they look eatable. For that alone Tromborg couldnøt look more Scandi itf it tried. It’s only about 19 years old, started by former make up artist Marianne Tromborg, whose husband is a biochemist wiht years of scientific experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry – including research and knowledge about skincare. What could go wrong!

Brand Beautiful – Smuk and other Scandi cosmetics lines

Another brand tht stood out was Smuk – if ony for its cutesy name which means bautiful in English. Smuk offers an array of serums, cooling lip balms, body butter, soaps and beauty tools – also launched by a former make up artist, Miabella Ristorp. A natural look and sustainability are key ingredients in the brand’s message.

Rudolph Care  also stood out on the shelves with eye catching packaging and brochures. The brand is as nerdy about skin care as we at DU, except more expertly so, of course. The product line was launched after founder Andrea Rudolph was tested for harmful chemicals and discovered, she says, that those chemicals in her blood came from the luxurious, expensive creams, oils and soaps she had pampered herself with for years.

Woods Copenhagen’s brand name is telling: ‘Sourced in nature and backed by science’. Created by sceptics, who describe their business as an ultra-geeky skincare brand made from ingredients found in Nordic nature. Less is more, is their mantra – and ours!

Natural Beauties: DU Skincare Store

Cereme de la Mer serum

Creme de la Mer

Lightweight serum with a luxuriously silky texture easily absorbed into the skin. Perfect for mature skin.


Clinique cleanser


An all-in-one cleanser and makeup remover, the refreshing cleansing milk gently lifts away impurities from the skin’s surface.


Elemis bath


Nourishing Camellia, Macadamia and Jojoba Oils deeply nourish and moisturise leaving satin soft skin, which looks healthy and supple.


Ecooking, as the name suggests, is “food for your skin”. Launched from the kitchen table of Danish Tina Søgard, it promises to spoil our skin with animal and eco-friendly products. The name relates to the way she created her first cremes: stirring pots of ingredients at home.

Explains Søgaard, who was struck by a crisis which spurred her on: “The crisis affected the skin on my face. Suddenly my skin became more ‘tired’ and ‘grey’ than ever before. Because I also lost a lot of weight in a short space of time, my skin completely collapsed.¨

Karmameju has an international ring to it, but it was founded by Danish model Mette Skjærbæk after 10 years in front of the cameras. Regenerate, soothe and balance are keywords in her face cremes. Natural beauty, health and a positive outlook drive her brand.

Apart from an extensive choice in face and body cremes, Karmameju has a number of top tips for staying healthy and beautiful … and youthful looking for longe: for healhty skin eat avocade, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, lemon carrot, beans, beetroots, chilli, nuts and drink coconut water and aloe vera. Sleep, hydration, breathing and ‘digital ‘detoxing (switch them off to give eyes and mind a rest) are also part of their advice regime for better skin and health.

Beauty products

Eco and animal friendly production and naturalness are key in Beauty

There are a many products on offer, which offer purity and expertise – but also sustainability and eco- and animal friendly production methods are key. Emphasis is not on each brand’s miracle cure but how we can also help ourselves to a better natural look.

Regular cleansing, and particularly a deep cleanse every night before bed to let the skin regenerate and benefit from the products overnight, is somethign we at DU subscribe to wholeheartedly.

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