10 Useful Things to do Indoors

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Sometimes we’re stuck indoors. As we speak it’s Coronavirus Covid-19 keeping a large part of the world in lockdown. But in normal times the reasons for staying at home are less dramatic. Still, with plenty of time now on our hands it can be confusing and difficult to focus. But, if you’re wondering how to make the most of the spare time here are 10 easy things to do indoors:

#1 Create your own Indoor Garden with Pot Plants

This is our favourite – plants are hugely important. Plants are not only the most perfect accessory on the mantel piece or coffee table. They also add life and added oxygen (although in tiny doses) to a room. What better than to pick plants at the garden centre and match them with a fabulous decorative spot? With that we need to find the right spot in the room and watch them grow. Some of the best indoor plants include the snake plant, or Sansevieria.

The Sansevieria is not the prettiest plant, but if you arrange it well it can look gracious. And it’s low maintenance and one of the best air purifiers, removing toxins like formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides from the air. Match the plant up with a gorgeous pot – either a minimalist pot or ornate, the snake plant complements all types of decor.

#2 Re-think the Sitting Room: Imagine how your Home could look and feel different

Even if you haven’t got the energy or the money to re-design your home, it’s fun and a useful exercise to visualise the different possibilities. It’s so easy to do nothing about the home and let things slide and stay the same for years. Soon we’ll be looking for things to do indoors in order not to become disconnected from or immune to our own environment. Playing with different ideas and creating different living spaces – if only on paper or in our minds – is great fun. And it’s a healthy way to kill time, and hopefully productive, too.

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#3 Become a Blogger: Share your expertise on things to do indoors

When stuck at home for whatever reason and with time on our hands, that’s a good time to get creative. Most people have something about which they know a lot. That could be travel, flowers, cooking, knitting, child-minding, teaching, photography, painting, shopping. And even if you haven’t got the physical or financial resources to put your dreams into action, you can write about it.

Share your expertise on any given topic through a blog – whatever your area of expertise, there will be readers somewhere in the world who will want to know more.

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All that is required is computer and a minimal level of technical know-how…and LOTS of time. Have an idea, think of a domain name and buy it, pick a blogging platform and get started. It’s almost as easy as that.

#4 Spring Clean: Freshen up Your Home with our 10 To Du List…

Cleaning is not everybody’s favourite thing to do, but it’s one of the things to do indoors that’ll help you appreciate home time more. And we don’t mean a little dusting off here and there. No, we mean a real overhaul of the place, shining up spots and places you didn’t even know were dirty. We have a 10 step guide to things you most likely didn’t think of and that undermine all your cleaning efforts. Those include replacing sealers around the kitchen sink and worktops.

#5 Out with the Old, in with the New: the Wardrobe Clear out

Clearing out the closet can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. Apart from the obvious, creating more space and ridding your home of redundant stuff. That means throwing old jeans and evening gowns in the bin liner is sometimes a fun trip down memory lane.

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Throwing away an old favourite sweater or a dress which you wore to the best parties can be difficult. But items that no longer fit into your lifestyle as it is now, perhaps give them to charity. And then mourn the loss for a brief period. The pain will be short-lived and the gain so much nicer.

#6 Fix it: Re-paint those grubby Skirting Boards…

It’s one of those boring things to do around the house which always get pushed back…fixing those irritating little things. The yellowing skirting boards, the curtains slowly dropping off the rack. And of course the lime scale that’s been slowly building up on the shower unit…

But being stuck at home for whatever reason is the perfect time to catch up with these little things that are easily overlooked. The more we look at these faults little bits of decay here and there, the more we get used to living with them. But they still serve to undermine the otherwise cosy feel of the home.

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#7 Get Creative: Things to do indoors – Paint or Decorate with Murals

Having expensive paintings on the walls is not all it’s cracked up to be – having originals is, though. It’s easy to buy a painting and stick it on the wall, but there is something special about a painting by someone you know…or yourself. But here’s a chance to let your imagination run riot. If there’s a spot on a wall that you can’t quite work out what to do with…create your own mural. A couple of wooden blocks carved out with a pattern dipped in different colours of paint can work wonders.

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#8 For the Internet Addict: Study, Research, join a Course…

Thank goodness for the internet in times of isolation or plain boredom. It’s the biggest and best public library. But it can also be a drain, killing time and filling us with junk mail and information we’re better off without. But using it sensibly, our laptops can become our best friends when home alone.

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Online courses are de rigour – there’s a course for every topic but think twice at least before handing over credit card details. And there is free access to the bests books, newspapers and research papers world wide.

#9 Workout: Keep fit while staying at Home
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It’s amazing how much of difference 10 minutes’ exercise each day over time. Small sections of exercise are infinitely more rewarding than a monthly visit to the gym. It’s the easiest thing to do indoors and you don’t need expensive equipment. All you need is a mat, a bed or a chair will do, or even just the floor. Push ups and stretches do wonders for strength and flexibility – but with a computer to hand, check the different exercise options and programmes.

YouTube is a great source of information with videos on how-to. Right there at your finger tips. Free! But there are other online exercise programmes. They’re free or paid for and perhaps differ in quality. Sometimes you do get what you paid for… Many are home based, adapted to different fitness levels – and  do not require any pieces of equipment. So easy peasy, no excuses.

#10 Things to do indoors: Start a Business from your Kitchen Table

Earn a living from your hobby and passion: Yes, some of the bigger businesses started at someone’s kitchen table – Britain’s home decor company Laura Ashley for one – or in the garage or living room. All it takes is an idea, knowledge and lots of energy. What’s your passion, your expertise and what are the steps you need to take for your idea to add value to other people’s lives?

Almost any idea can become a full time job – cooking, sewing, painting, cleaning, exercising and many things internet based. And with a computer to hand you have research, business advice and other resources at your finger tips.

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