The cool Scandi look before the big Frieze

Nordic look before the Frieze

We’re seconds from the annual art extravaganza Frieze London, one of the best fun weeks, spoiling us with exciting home decor ideas. But before that, amongst the wacky, colourful and thought provoking pieces, we’ll be looking for the Scandi look before the big Frieze.

Galleries have been gearing up with pre-Frieze shows and we’ve been looking for the hidden Nordic gems. Cork Street and Christie’s in London got their invites out early.

Lots of colour this year, graffiti art and layer-upon-layer paints. But at DU we always look for the less-is-more pieces. And there are plenty of breath-taking paintings and sculptures so minimalist they’re barely noticeable.

Scandi look – now for the big Frieze

We popped into some of our old regular galleries to test the mood during the run up to Frieze – and felt almost at home.

Collectors, artists and party goers usually pack the Flowers Gallery in London’s Cork Street. It can be difficult to see the paintings on the walls. But this time I got a proper look.

What caught my eye was the simple oil on wood panel Into a carpet made of water: two simple boards covered in white, textured paint.

Aida Tomescu Into a carpet made of water
Aida Tomescu: Into a carpet made of water (Flowers gallery)

The two pieces (which make up one work of art) stood out amongst the other paintings, which were different shades of red.

Christie’s London celebrated its collaboration with 1-54 Contemporary African Art – a champagne reception for an invited crowd.

African art in the Nordic home

African art is hardly minimalist – pride of place was a Jean-Michel Basquiat. But many pieces complement Nordic style beautifully. Acturally, the pale interior is the perfect backdrop to almost any art.

But the busy, colourful and inspiring works of Basquiat really stand out on the neutral background.

So now for the big bang soon with Frieze and Frieze Masters in London’s Regent’s Park. A week long festival of colours and ideas. Can’t wait!

PS: I forgot to mention this one (below) – the quirkiest non-painting, for want of a better description. It’s the perfect wall decor, off-piste and unlike most paintings we hang on our walls.

It’s by Agostino Bonalumi currently shown at the Mazzoleni Gallery in London’s Savile Row. Perhaps it’s less of a painting, more of a “shaped” canvas.

And if it seems avant garde or futuristic to you it’s possibly because it was, once…in fact, it dates back to 1973.

Have been loving the 70s forever! Little wonder that would be my perfect piece on a big white wall. Bliss…

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