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Staying at Home – How Hygge Can Change Your Life

by | Apr 5, 2020

Some people are natural socialisers – happiest out and about, being the life and soul of the party. Any excuse to get out… But we Scandis love being at home just as much… Being happy at home is important. Here are DU’s top tips on How to Fall in Love with your home – be it a house, an apartment or a room.

How do you fall in Love with your Home?

Falling in love with your home is almost like falling in love with a person – not least like falling in love with yourself in the nicest way possible. In order to love your home it has to be all about how YOU feel comfortable in your house, apartment or room. It’s about creating a space where you can enjoy your own company, relaxing, eating or working from home – that’s hygge.

Little Luxuries: Pure & Simple

Wall mounted bedside lamp with cream shade

Ralph Lauren

Beautifully simple and well-designed lamp - ideal for bedside or office space with a linen shade finished with leather trim. Available to order only from the Bond Street store, UK.


High backed dining chair by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Originally designed for the Royal Academy of Arts restaurant in London, this simple dining chair is in itself a work of art. Pure and simple...


Round black framed mirror

Soho Home

A simple wall mirror with beaded oak frame. Despite the minimalist look each mirror is unique and exquisitely crafted.


Why Love being at Home is Important

On those occasions when you have nowhere to go, not liking being at home is soul destroying. It’s the place where we rechearge and don’t have to please anyone but ourselves – or those closest to us. The Scandis are homebodies – bars and restaurants are famously expensive in the Nordic countries. And the winter nights start early.

Fine dining has also not been part of our culture  – until now. Still, the Scandi nations feature regularly at the top of the Happiest People in the World lists. That’s hygge, being able to find and create joy out of the small things, starting with home.

Picture by Alisa Anton

What does it mean to Love your Home?

Once You are happy in your home, others will see it and enjoy being there too. Soon you’ll disover you are spending more time at home – and you’ll really enjoy me-time. To read more about Hygge – check our blog here: What is Hygge? How to live like a Scandinavian anywhere.

21st Century Classics: Scandi Boho Living

Red country style cusion


A striking red silk & cotton cushion cover which exudes warmth and reminds us of times shopping in foreign street markets. Totally Scandi Boho.


Round plant fibre mirror

Maisons du Monde

A beautifully simple mirror with an exotic vibe - a plantbased fibre frame makes it an on trend mirror on the Scandi wall.


Natural handwoven rug

Soho Home

Natural tones and diamon pattern - the perfect chic rug for the well-travelled puritan. Handwoven in India, it's a mainstay style of the Scandi home.


Soho Home Ltd


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