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Working from Home: Sit Bone Cushion for the Chair

by | Mar 15, 2020


  • Work Life before the Sit Bone Cushion
  • The Doughnut
  • Working from Home – Healthily
  • The Problem: Bottom, Back, Hamstring?
  • Some Specs
  • The Drawback…

It’s only a month since we made a miracle discovery – the sit bone cushion.

Until then we’d been covering our home office chair with smart cushions, cashmere scarves or even thick wintercoats – all to relieve the bottom pain of sitting in front of the computer at length.

Nothing worked. Soon the pain returned.

Shifting in the chair, moving the cushion around and getting up all the time to make tea – any excuse…

Reducing Pressure on the Bony Parts when sitting on a home office chair

One day in February someone lent us a doughnut shaped cushion to place on top of our favourite chair – and we haven’t looked back since.

==> The cushion revolutionised our work efforts – made it possible to sit down at length without pain at all.

But we chose the sit bone cushion with two holes out of the many different kinds of support cusions.

Some cushions specifically support the back while sitting down – others support the bottom, the hamstring or the sit bone.

Different support cushions for different problems when working from home

If you’d like to know more about specific cushions then clink on the Amazon links below which feature full descriptions, dimentions, colours and styles as well as prices – which vary from $12 – $85 or (£10 – £70).

As we spend more time working from home – perhaps setting up a business at the kitchen table – the furniture may not always be terribly work friendly.

Unlike the modern corporate office environment with ergonomic chairs and a supporting Occupational Health department on stand by…

We can’t recommend the cushion highly enough – but there are many different types on the market and they support different parts of the body.

If you are healthy and it hurts just sitting for a while you may need a sit bone cushion.

But understand exactly where your problem lies and search the shops or online for the modesl that address your specific problem.


The cushions vary in sizes and shapes – most come as a doughnut (or foam ring) cushion with a hole in the centre. Those are good for back support too.

Some come with two holes which are perfect for the sitting bones – or ordinary pain from sitting still for too long.

Sizes are roughly 14″ x 17″ (or 35cm x 43cm).

And some are elevated either end to lift your bottom or knees higher from the seat, depending on how you place it on the seat.

One problem, however: The cushion is not as smart as designer pieces from top interior brands.

It doesn’t do much, aesthetically. 

But health is still more important…

Depending on which one you chose, it can be sleek, hygenic, washable and some come with removable cover.

An absolute lifesaver and, at the end of the day, it can be put away easily if guests arrive…


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