Shopping for Best Scandi Style Interiors after Lockdown

clock shopping after lockdown

Pure joy as the stores re-open after three months of lockdown! Now we can go shopping for best Scandi style interiors. And what a feast for the eyes to see the items for sale – some reduced to next to nothing.

Here we pick our favourite Nordic looking home decor pieces from some of our favourite London stores: Not only were we looking for Scandi inspired home furnishing products. We discovered the shopping experience has gone all Scandi too….

Shopping like a Scandi…

There are now arrows on the floor to guide us through a one way labyrinthian system on the shop floor. It’s all very much like IKEA has been doing for years!

Shopping for Scandi Style interiors: Rubber plant in large white floor pot

Our Favourite Pieces from Some of our Favourite Stores

Tick this large rubber plant in a giant white floor pot. Priced at £120.00 ($150.00) for the plant – £349 ($440) for the pot in matt off white fiber stone. The plant, which is also called Ficus Robusta Std is a brilliant indoor air purifier. This arrangement is a serious statement plant, about 150cm high (4’9″).

Going Swedish at Nordic Style with Gustavian Pieces

It’s difficult finding original Gustavian furniture – but here’s gorgeous Swedish ‘grandmother’s clock’ – an ex Display piece.

On sale at Nordic Style – it’s the ultimate shopping for Scandi style experience….but unfortunately it appears another victim of lockdown with pieces reduced as excess stock from nearly £6,000 ($7,500) to just below £1,000 ($1,200).

Scandi Trademarks: Simplicity and Shades of White

The Nordics love lighting – possibly because there is limited amounts of natural light in the autumn and winter months.

Some of the finest lamp and lighting designers are Scandinavians.

But here’s a simple hargett lamp in iron with natural paper shade by American Visual Comfort. We found this Scandi style American lamp at I&JL Brown in London’s King’s Road, priced at £460.00 ($580.00).

Shopping for best Scandi style pieces: What we Bought

It took just one return trip to the Nordic Style shop to snap up the pillar lamp we spotted on the first nearly normal day back at the shops.  Some of the shops were full of excess stock – pieces they’d brought in just before lockdown. Now was the time to get rid and prepare for the summer sale…

shopping for best scandi style interiors nordic style glass pillar lamp with grey shade on table
nordic style glass pillar lamp with grey shade

Just couldn’t resist these two glass pillar lamps at Nordic Style in London’s interior design mecca on Lot’s Road. However, the large grey shade may have to go – making way for an off white shade, smaller, less over-powering. Although, for now we like the bold appearance of this typically Scandi light piece.

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