Shopping for Non Essentials after Lockdown

Stone carving wall art by Zoe Wilson

Pure joy as we now shop for non essentials! How we’ve missed the fairs, the exhibitions and the private views. And we’ve missed the furniture, the sculptures and paintings, the ceramic pots and all the things that make a home that little bit more special.

So long was lockdown in the UK that we almost missed the first crafts fair this year. It’s held in the brilliant Chelsea Design Centre at Imperial Wharf – London’s chic interiors mecca on the River Thames.

Apart from stunning porcelain, clay and canvas pieces, the fair featured a series of talks and small receptions. It’s an Aladdin’s cave for connoisseurs.

The Design Centre is a labyrinth of luxury shops and studios by the glamorous Chelsea Harbour. In addition, several restaurants and cafes serve staff and shoppers who are among some of the most discerning in the world of interiors.

Shopping for non essentials: Lots Road and other crafts shops

There are small crafty design boutiques and not to forget one of our favourites, Nordic Style which is a haven for fans of the Swedish look, which is the Gustavian furniture.

If you don’t know Gustavian, do please read our post here which shows it in detail. Gustavian style is beautiful, inspired by grand, old French glamour but pared down to suit Scandi style. It is a light and pretty mix of urban sophistication and country style.

As we now go shopping for non essentials after months of staying in, we feature some of our favourite pieces from the fair at the Design Centre. The centre is worth keeping taps on since it really is one of the best places in London to gather home decor inspiration.

Our fave non essentials include pieces such as Wildflowers porcelain wall sculpture by Valeria Nascimento. Also Kate Brett, whose Untitled mini ceramic figurines in box shelves are repped by the Cube Gallery. Then thre is Lucas Ferreira’s work. His Grey Factions ceramic pieces caught our eyes. And not least Zoe Wilson’s stone carving.

Wildflowers by Valeria Nascimento
Shopping for non essentials - Kate Brett's Untitled ceramic figures iin box shelves
Lucas Ferreira's Grey Factions, Ceramic

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