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More than a Spring Clean: How to go From Tired-Looking to Scandi Fresh

by | Feb 24, 2020

We Scandis like a tidy, fresh and clutter-free zone. A home that smells of flowers and sunshine and where the floor is so clean you could almost cut meat on it. Every season is Spring Clean time… But sometimes even a spring clean won’t do the job. Sometimes, no matter how hard you scrub the floor or dry clean the curtains or repaint the walls, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. And you can’t figure out why everything still look a little bit…drab.

From Tired and Not-So-ocol to “Effortless” Shine

After all that work, there’s still an air of tiredness about the room, a whiff of “old” in a not-so-cool way. But stick with us because we have a few thoughts on why your home still doesn’t look quite shiny enough after so much work and some tips on how you can fix it. In fact, feel free to sign up and get our FREE cheat sheet on easy tricks to give your home a real Scandi shine – 10 top tips that we simply never think about but will give a huge boost to the overall look and feel of your apartment or house.

Little Luxuries: Pure & Simple

Wall mounted bedside lamp with cream shade

Ralph Lauren

Beautifully simple and well-designed lamp - ideal for bedside or office space with a linen shade finished with leather trim. Available to order only from the Bond Street store, UK.


High backed dining chair by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Originally designed for the Royal Academy of Arts restaurant in London, this simple dining chair is in itself a work of art. Pure and simple...


Round black framed mirror

Soho Home

A simple wall mirror with beaded oak frame. Despite the minimalist look each mirror is unique and exquisitely crafted.


Let’s share one of our absolute favourites to help give your home that clean Scandi look and feel – it’s just one of 10 top tips: changing the nobs on closets and doors… Yes, it really does make a huge difference. A tired-looking London apartment – even though it was newly decorated by developers! – got the Scandi makeover.

Dull-looking 80’s style aluminium handles on kitchen cupboards were replaced with simple white ceramic knobs (plastic knobs will do to save money and the difference hardly shows). The result was amazing – the cheap-looking bar-handles were big and attention grabbing – when instead attention should be focused on the light and the peace of the room, or the colours or some other detail…

The Scandi Aesthetic is Not About How it Look – But About How it Makes You Feel

The simple trick transformed the kitchen area. Sure, if you want the handles and knobs on cupboards and closets to be focal points, there are many super chic samples on sale in DIY stores, crafts shops and online. Details such as cupboard and door handles are perhaps more noticeable in the minimalist home, and have a greater impact. But that is what defines the Nordic design aesthetic and lifestyle: it’s not so much about how a room or a house looks – it’s about how it makes you feel. It’s the small details that make a big difference and we have another nine super tricks that most people don’t think of when making home improvements – FREE.

Tatty old aluminum handles on the kitchen units adds a heavy 80s feel to the look

The same kitchen units with new white knob handles…much smoother looks and just as practical

Close the Gaps and Let the Eye Glide Rather than Stumble from Object to Object

Another favourite trick to tidy up the look, and feel, of your home is this – and it is slightly more of an effort to pull off: to replace sealants around kitchen worktops, bathtubs and sinks… Yes, it’s requires dedication to the job…a little effort, but it is more than worth it. Much as we love builders (most of them) they do not all share the Scandi aesthetic and eye for details with the rest of us – and as sealants are often the last thing to do before they finish a job, it gets done rather quickly sometimes. This means uneven strips or white (or grey, black) – doing their job but not looking tip top.

Me Time: Handcare & Sanitiser

A plant based hand soap by Diptyque with sweet almond oil


A plant based hand soap, with sweet almond oil - gives you a delicate fragranced foam: lively, floral and delicately fruity. Good enough to eat (no don't!)

£22  |  $31

A body & hand lotion by Jo Malone that is easily absorbed to hydrate and condition the skin

Jo Malone

A body & hand lotion that is easily absorbed to hydrate and condition, the skin. While fragrance-diffusing properties help radiate scent from the skin. 

£42  |  $58

Hand sanitiser 70% alcohol surgical medical grade

Ocean Free

Made in the UK surgical-grade hand sanitiser with high emollient content that reduces the drying effect on the skin. Easy to use in a beautifully simple bottle.

Prices vary according to size.

Or, after a few years the sealant gets dusty and miscoloured – scrape it off with a filling knift, clean the surface, ensure it’s completely dry and then fill it in with new sealant with a steady hand and using as little of the material as possible for a finished look. Top tip: When using non-white sealant (as used around most bathtubs) pick a shade that is slightly darker than the surface, be it bathroom tiles or a wall….a lighter shade makes it look like a rush-job…

We use sealants for other purposes: see below at “before and after” images of two shelves – the first image taken immediately after they have been put up, showing gaps between the shelves and the uneven wall, the second image taken after sealant has covered the gaps. There is a big difference between the two looks – the second is the more Scandi solution. We have another eight easy-peasy ideas to help you shine up your home for spring and summer – FREE – simply let us know where you’d like us to email it to. Fill in the form below and it will come to your inbox. Happy “spring cleaning”!


Two shelves fixed to the wall showing gaps between the wall and the shelves which means uneven surface

The same shelves showing how selant covers uneven surfaces and makes the shelves look effortlessly part of the wall

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