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Beauty to face the world again after lockdown

Post Lockdown Beauty Tips: How to Face the World Again

by | Feb 14, 2021

Optimism is in the air, things are changing. Lockdown is loosening and soon we’ll be….free. Gosh! Some of us may need a little more time before we are ready to face the world again – it’s been ages since the last visit to the hairdresser. Mascara? What was that again? Haven’t needed that in months. And the liquid foundation has dried up in the bottle. A full re-stocking of the beauty shelf is needed before they let us out of our homes and socialise again. There will be millions of others thinking the same…all panicking and ready to hit the beauty counters. Our re-stocking starts here, in case there’s a run on our favourite products.

Unlocked: Our Favourite Facial Cleansers

Creme de la Mer facial cleanser

Creme de la Mer

We admit it – we’re Creme de la Mer groupies. Expensive, yes, but the products just work. This gentle cleansing micellar water removes stubborn dirt and waterproof makeup from the skin’s surface – no need to rinse…. however, we’d still rinse with springwater afterwards.

£42  |  $59

Clinique cleanser


Clinique is another safe bet in the beauty world – unflashy and all about cleanliness. This quick adn easy all-in-one micellar cleaning milk lifts impurities without stripping away  moisture, perfect for the city dweller. And it works on both face and eyes.

£19.50  |  $27

Simple facial cleanser


This is our own cleanser – cheap and cheerful but does the job. It’s parcularly good for dry skin with its creamy and purifiying lotion. A cleanser doesn’t have to be fancy…after applying and removing the cleanser, the skin gets wiped with water, serum and moisturiser, which will provide plenty of nourishment.

Under £5 |  $7

As bankers and other financial experts predict a big and swift recovery thanks to the billions we’ve saved while not being able to socialise – and the pressure to look good disappeared overnight – we are preparing ourselves for a spending spree. Our own prediction (and we could be wrong, of course) that people will be so keen to look the best ever that beauty products will be among the first purchases and some of our favourite products will be flying off the shelves. Which means we could end up having to face our old friends…bare-faced! …because everything’s sold out. It’s a hideous thought, but possible…

Luckily, at DU we’re not so much into ‘war paint’. We don’t have to look straight out of a glossy magazine or a Hollywood production, we just have to Feel good (about ourselves) when we re-surface. So cleansers, moisturisers, the odd concealer, a little mascara and – when we really want to go to town – a little lipstick will do. A concealer is the perfect answer to uneven skin tones, minor blemishes and as a replacement for full scale foundation covering the entire face….like wearing a mask. There are many amazing concealers on the market in different strengths and tones. After a long lockdown we’ll need it to cover those “indoor” circles under our eyes. Here are some ideas…

Concealers: Our Pick of the Best

Clinique Beyond Perfecting concealer


Loving the fragrance free products by Clinique…less is more. This creamy, lightweight concealer is perfect camouflage for the little spots and dark lines that bother us. It’s waterproof and sweat-resistant….our summer option.

£19  |  $27

Touche Eclat by YSL


Friends have been raving about this concealer and with good reason. As reluctant concealerers we’re late to the party but this really is a fantastic product…luminous and effortlessly discuises uneven tones and the dreaded dark circles.

£27  |   $38

True Match concealer


A trusted beauty brand, this less pricey concealer is still a value-for-money product that zooms in on those dark circles ´and is delivered to your door same week. Includes precision applicator.

Under £10  |  $14

What’s Top on Your Beauty Shopping List when Facing Friends?

What is the first thing you’re buying when the shops reopen? A sensible cleanser or a fantastic new look-at-me eye shadow! Or lipstick! What’s your priority? You know us…we want to look after our own skin before considering what others may think. Our cleanser vanished from the shelf during lockdown but is now making it’s way back onto the shelves step by step.

We also need a mascara to help us look wide awake – and to bring back life to the face that hasn’t seen much sun or outdoor daylight in the last couple of months. They say you either wear mascara or lipstick…never both. Well, we know some who do but they are not Scandinavian. In the battle between lipstick and mascara, it’s the mascara that wins hands down. Rather draw attention to our eyes than our mouth. These are some of our favourite mascaras which just work….

Eye Openers: Bestest Post Lockdown Mascaras

Lancome's wow mascara


Well, wow! Here’s drama…an amplifying mascara that curls, thickens and lengthens the lashes. It features a new liquid formula infused with the brand’s Native Rose-Cell Extract. The curvaceous wand lets you layer the mascara and coat lashes from the root for bigger and bolder results.

£28.50  |  $40

Burberry's Cat Lashes Volumising Mascara


Beautiful packaging, of course, being Burberry…loving the subtle hatched design. It is a volumising mascara that works to lengthen, lift and define lashes for a fanned-out effect – who can resist! This is the mascara to whip out in front of all your friends…but it’s effective too, and clump-free.

£27  | $38

Maybeline New York Volume Mascara

Maybeline New York

Black mascara with curved, silicone brush, no smudging as it is fan shaped to keep even tiny lashes separage. We’ve loved Maybeline mascara since our teens…just works easily…And a bargain…

Under £10  |  $14

Some beauty experts and those more on the money side of the business predict a run on the make-up counters as we want to celebrate our freedom. Some say we’ll be desperate to catch up after relaxing our beauty routine – having been working from home for months bare-faced…and become a little slobby.

Others say no, we’ll neither return to normal, nor will we splash out on a new beauty box. Some – like us Scandis – may have discovered the joy of not having to layer our face with creams and powders. And they may like how much the skin has improved after nearly a year-long make-up holiday….


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