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minimalist sofa

If the Dining Table is the centre piece of the home, then the sofa is a very close second. Sofas as the room center piece explains how to build hygge and a cosy lifestyle around the sofa. It’s where we retreat to after supper. It’s where we sit soft for a long gossip with friends and crash out on for a night in front of the TV.

For homebodies the sofa is where we spend a lot of our time. Therefore it is the one piece of furniture which can take a very long time to decide on. The sofa has to work on all fronts – comfort, size, shape, colour, fabric, durability, quality, aesthetics and how it fits in with the rest of the living room

Building the Room: Starting with a Sofa

A sofa is often the first item on the shopping list. It’s around that which the rest of the interior is built. But every few years it has to be replaced…often with a different look.

Unlike fashion, which thrives on super fast turn-over of collections and a trickle down effect from fashionistas and influencers, furniture is about the end consumer. What do people actually need and want?

Much effort is put into the design of each sofa. Before production, it’s tried and tested – sofas as the room center piece are an expensive investment. People take long to make a purchase.

Sticking to the Scandinavian design heritage of clean lines and light colours, designers immediately run into trouble. Style and substance: because the two do not always go hand in hand. Sometimes, the sofa will be the only coloured piece of furniture in the room.

Boho Sofa : Stylish Sofas Scandi Style

The stylish younger generation are more well-travelled and internationally minded than the inventors of Danish Modern and Scandinavian design were. Thanks to easy transport the new generation have built on the simple, but iconic, designs of the Mid Century Modern masters. Rugs, cushions, throws, blankets update the old traditional Nordic look, creating the organised chaos of Scandi Boho.

Sofas as the room center piece: woman relaxing in living room sofa

Bedroom Sofa : Retro living

The sofa or couch is the centrepiece in most Scandi living rooms, but one trend that is yet to catch on in a big way is the sofa in the bedroom.Size is the main obstacle – the bedroom is not usually big enough to accommodate a sofa but where possible, it is a growing fashion.

In new-builds, a large bedroom with a hotel-style seating arrangement is not uncommon. In fact, in the old days, it was a regular feature in smarter homes.

Minimalist Sofa vs. Perfect Home Sofas

To many Scandinavians, the minimalist sofa IS the perfect home sofa. But what exactly is a minimalist sofa? It’s a sofa that’s so pared down and un-fussy in design and color that it almost fades into the background.

Some may think the minimal look is soulless…indeed, there is nothing that reveals much about the owners lifestyle. It lacks ‘personality’. But minimal look offers ‘peace’ – an uncluttered environment where it’s possible to wind down after a long day at the office or working in a creative business.

Bedroom Sofa : Old is the New Modern

Antique, weather-beaten old leather sofas appear to have taken the world by storm – Millennials can’t get enough of them. The vintage couch, as seen below, is the interior design equivalent to ripped old jeans.

At Du Your Home we are not huge fans of this type of sofa – they’re just on the wrong side of worn and vintage…but we get it. They’re the ultimate ‘crash out in front of the TV’ piece of furniture, low maintenance – mainly because it it gets dirty you probably wouldn’t notice – and it’s comfortable. Another plus…it really does work with the minimalist background, the white walls, coffee table, washed floorboards and the rugs. But have a look at this sofa: patchwork and brilliantly uplifting to look at.

Designer Sofas for You : Scandi Style Sofas

The word Scandi virtually equals design – and designer sofas are as even more common place than designer handbags. This piece is more chaise longue than actual sofa, but it takes the ordinary couch to the next level.

Scandinavian furniture designers go above and beyond what consumers want – they create what we don’t yet know we’d love and need. It’s a drive and talent that has propelled Scandi furniture designers to the forefront of interior design and home decor for nearly 100 years.

Living Room Sofa : Best Sofas for Small Living Rooms

Is a sofa really necessary in a small room? No, not really…but it’s a nice thing to have to offer a guest or to crash out it. Today’s apartments are often modestly sized, if not cramped, and getting an old style two or three seater through the door can be hard enough.

But designers are increasingly making smaller 1.5 seaters or even large comfy chairs which could be mistaken for a small sofa. In our experience, two comfy chairs are as effective as a small sofa. But every self-respecting furniture dealer will have one or two small sofas for the new home owner.

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