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On Our Wish List as We Spend More Time at Home

by | Mar 22, 2020

London Design Week 2020 came to an end just before the city shut down to combat the dreaded Covid-19. More than ever, our home has become the focal point in our lives.

While many people have more pressing matters before them at the moment, the exhibition at Chelsea Harbour, London, did provide us with lots of inspiration. The Design Centre is an incredible hub for anybody who loves interior design or care about the look and feel of their home.

Dozens of some of the finest home decor brands have space there in what is a shopping mall overflowing with exquisite textiles, elaborate lighting arrangements and fabulous furniture from all over the world.

The trands this year are for green – as is the color of the year in Scandinavia – and reds. And attention to details “is what sets a home apart” which is also our mantra. Many of the brands, including many from the USA, are not found in the high street – and many of the fabulous pieces are not to be found either except through interior designers.

Here we show some of our favourite picks from the Design Week and connect you with similar pieces to help you create a more Scandi looking home.

Loving this lampshade above – it is not a Nordic design, it was infact handwoven in Africa. But it ticks almost all Scandi aesthetic boxes, specially our favourite Scandi Boho Chic aesthetic.

Simple in concept, adaptable, natural and representing something slightly “off-piste” ie not the usual run of the mill department store – the pieces are made from indigenous grasses, cane, river reeds, creepers and ilala palm, baked in the sun of Africa.

It sits – or hangs – perfectly in the minimalist home… a coming together of the cool North and hot Sub-Saharan Africa. But it’s possible to get equally attractive and fun bamboo lampshades online too – here is one of our favourites from Amazon, the Natural Bamboo Washer. Find out more here.

Outdoors – furniture and decorative pieces to bring inside the home

It’s hardly the most functional piece – although with some dusting down and a new lick of paint this could be a chic fruitbowl on the large wooden kitchen table. But that would remove much of the charm from this weatherworn stone urn bowl. We found it at McKinnon And Harris estate, garden and yacht furniture at London Design Week.

Traditionalists might put it on the terrace outside, but at DU we believe in bringing as much of the outside inside. It would look fabulous on a stone floor, either in the hall or the sitting room. But you need a good size room for it to really shine.

What does it do for a room? It lends a little grandeur to the room, a whiff of fresh air as it brings the terrace (or part of the fountain) inside. And a vintage feel, too.

Garden Centres and Country Car Boot Sales for Vintage Urns

Glam urns or original, vintage urns and planters are hard to find at the best of times but garden centres and with luck country car boot sales and fairs.

However, Amazon is another place to shop and there are some finds online, with quick delivery. We like this one, the Buckingham Urn Stone Plant Pot. Find out more or browse to see others on Amazon here.

Tie Backs to Glam Up the Curtains – and the Room

We’re huge fans of tie backs, which are home decor’s answer to jewelry (ie tassel earrings).

A pair of solid, rich, elaborate, colourful tie backs can really make even plain curtains look glorious. So over to the Jason d’Souza shop for Wendy Cushing’s spectacular couture tie backs. Cushing has designed for some of the most discerning customers, Buckinham Palace and top hotels. (To read more about luxe tiebacks click here.)

Tiebacks are notoriously difficult to find – nice ones – Cushing has described it as a disappearing art. Which is a shame given how much they brighten up a window and a room.

But the scarcity also pushes up the price – there is a huge difference between top quality tiebacks which are mainly handmade and cost well over £200 a pair and at the other scale where a decent pair of tiebacks is surprisingly low, about £20 – $20. Here is a pair that looks more expensive than it is – click on the image below or find it and others on Amazon here.

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