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New normal things to fix after lockdown

The New Normal: 5 Things to Fix as We Come Out of Lockdown

by | Feb 21, 2021

For months we’ve been looking forward to seeing family and friends again, but as lockdown finally looks as if it’s coming to an end fear strikes… Are we ready to face the world again? On closer inspection, quite a few things are not tip top presentable in the pre-Covid sense of the word. We haven’t had to make an effort with visitors banned from our homes and pubs and restaurants closed, so standards have slipped a little. Some TLC is called for to get ready for the new normal: the bathroom needs freshening up, some plants didn’t make it, the beauty shelf needs re-stocking as soon as our favourite produts are back in the shops, and much more…

Plants have been the only company off-line during lockdown for many people living on their own. Those plants were well looked after and in some cases a little too well – that means not all indoor plants have made it through. The Snake plants are almost impossible to kill but ferns needed a little less water during the winter months so sadly drowned. It’s left empty gaps on our shelves and in corners of the sitting room. So our first shopping expedition after lockdown will be to the garden centre to restock.

Post Lockdown Indoor Garden


The perfect indoor plant – loves partial shade. Happy in the bathroom or conservatory.



Not the most attractive, but this is still one of our favourites. It breathes oxygen and generally – it grows on you.

Bathroom Essentials for an Easier Life

The last year has provided more opportunities to think about the things that really matter in life and discover what’s been missing. And one of the things we’ve decided would look great in the bathroom and be super practical at the same time is a proper laundry basket. After months of window shopping, we’ve narrowed our selection down to three perfect Scandi style baskets with lid:

3 Super Scandi Style Laundry Baskets

Dark brown laundry basket


Doesn’t look like a laundry basket, pure style – a sleek rattan laundry basket in a dark chocolaty colour. Also useful for umbrellas and for storing other objects.

£295  |  $415

Round natural laundry basket


How chic is this laundry basket? Handwoven and shaped like a vase, this is as Scandi as a basket can get. Loving this one and it fits in with pretty much any bathroom design. Comes in grey and black.

£129  |  $181

Grey laundry basket


Gorgeous coastal style bamboo slat laundry basked divided into two sections, foldable with removable liner bags, with handles, in grey or brown – what more could anyone want?

Baskets under £35  |  $50

Entertainment Essentials as Mixing at Home Returns

Can’t wait to wine and dine with friends again, either in pubs and restaurants or at home. It’s been too long since people were allowed to drop by, but as rules are relaxed and dropped we’ll want family and friends to feel extra welcome. A wine rack is a sexy addition to the kitchen diner and we plan to fill it to the brim with our favourite bottles.

Having a Few Friends Over…

White wooden wine rack


A wooden winerack in our colour (white) with a shelf on top. A rack like this really makes the bottels stand out – just makes one even more thirsty…

Racks under £70  |  $100

Wooden wine rack


A cute, handcared from solid wood wine holder, shaped like a sculpture. A small work of art in itself. Solid wood – this is the perfect little showpiece on the side table or kitchen table.

Racks under £50  |  70

Chrome free standing winerack

Amazon Basics

Stylish chrome bottle rack to blend with any decor. Lovely, simple and understated. For swift delivery go with Amazon…Easily assembled.

Racks under £30  |  $42


Red wine Pomerol

Chateau Gazin Pomerol

A perfect wine at Fortnum & Mason’s to keep as its flavours develop with age. This ruby-coloured wine is wonderfully earthy with a rich texture – one to keep on the rack for that special visitor.

£95  |  $134

Moet & Chandon champagne

Moet & Chandon

Our go-to champagne at home and everywhere else…Prosecco has become the drink to serve, and we like it, but there’s still a little somethign special about that glass of real champagne in your hand.

Champagnes under £55  |  $78

Rock Angel rose wine

Rock Angel

Gorgeous colour and gorgeous taste…we’re already huge fans of the Whispering Angel so here’s the Rock. Great cocktail tipple which goes down a treat with most people. Another new hit rose at Fortnum & Mason’s.

£27.50  |  $39

We haven’t had to make an effort with ourselves for months…so we haven’t, some of us. Hairdressers still aren’t open and some beauty brands disappeared from the supermarket shelves at the height of lockdown. Disaster has loomed for quite some time and there’s no hiding the fact that after a long hard winter, spent mainly indoors, hair and skin need fixing. So here are some of our favourite products to help us get back to as near normal as possible. Those familiar with DU will know war paint is not huge in Scandinavia. But cleanliness and good health is. Cleansing is key to keeping our skin looking younger for longer.

Du Faves: Our Go To Beauty Products

Clinique hydrating gel


Hydrating gel is our go to beauty luxury - and super functional and refreshing. Play it safe and try this one by Clinique...



Daisy eau de toilette 50ml by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Gorgeous, fresh classic with a v Nordic name... An award winning scent of wild berries, white violets, jasmine and sandalwood - all in a beautiful bottle.


Creme de la Mer moisturiser

Creme de la Mer

Our absolutely most favourite beauty product of all time. Warm in your fingers, then dab it gently under the eyes and dry areas on the face and wait for the cream to do its magic!

From £125

Small Problems that Make a Big Difference

There’s a long list of things to fix as we come out of lockdow. At the very bottom of that list are those little things that we barely notice but have been building up. We’ve learned to live with them – like limescale on shower room tiles and the chipped bathroom floor tile featured. The damage is minor, but it adds years to the real age of the floor. Some grey paint or pencil to help blend the colouring will hide the damage and make it look new.

Chipped bathroom floor tile
Fixed Chipped bathroom floor tile

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