The New Normal: 5 Things to Fix as We Come Out of Lockdown

New normal things to fix after lockdown

For months we’ve been looking forward to seeing family and friends again. But as lockdown finally looks as if it’s coming to an end fear strikes… Are we ready to face the world again? On closer inspection, quite a few things are not presentable in the pre-Covid sense. So here comes the new normal: 5 things to get back on tract.

We haven’t had to make an effort with visitors banned from our homes and pubs and restaurants closed. Standards have slipped, some TLC is called for to get ready for the new normal. We need to freshening up the bathroom, some plants didn’t make it, the beauty shelf needs re-stocking as soon as our favourite products are back in the shops, and much more…

Many people living on their own had only plants for company during lockdown. Some plant owners perhaps looked after them a little too well – that means not all indoor plants made it through.

The Snake plants are almost impossible to kill but ferns needed much less water during the winter months. Sadly they drowned. It’s left empty gaps on our shelves and in corners of the sitting room. So where to go in the new normal: 5 things to fix or buy? Our first shopping expedition after lockdown will be to the garden centre to restock.

Bathroom Essentials for an Easier Life

The last year has provided more opportunities to think about the things that really matter in life and discover what’s been missing. And one of the things we’ve decided would look great in the bathroom and be super practical at the same time is a proper laundry basket. After months of window shopping, we’ve narrowed our selection down to three perfect Scandi style baskets with lid:

The new normal 5 things to fix or buy as we entertain at home again

Can’t wait to wine and dine with friends again, either in pubs and restaurants or at home. It’s been too long since people were allowed to drop by, but as rules are relaxed and dropped we’ll want family and friends to feel extra welcome. A wine rack is a sexy addition to the kitchen diner and we plan to fill it to the brim with our favourite bottles.

The new normal: five small things that Make a Big Difference

There’s a long list of things to fix as we come out of lockdown. We’ve learned to live with them – like limescale on shower room tiles and the chipped bathroom floor tile featured. The damage is minor, but those “little things” still add years to the real age of the floor. Some grey paint or pencil to help blend the colouring hides the damage and makes the floor look new.

from-british-loo-to-chic-scandi-wet-room - Chipped bathroom floor tile
Fixed Chipped bathroom floor tile

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