Interiors and self-portraits: what to hang on your walls

They’re my own favourite wall decor: paintings of a chair or a lamp, of a piece of fruit or a water jug. Those paintings are peaceful, reflective and introvert. And that’s what some of London’s leading galleries are showing this spring. Here we show you some interiors and self-portraits and what to hang on your walls this season.

Mafalda von Hessen drew in the crowds for her “Looking In” exhibition at the JGM Gallery in London’s Battersea. The star of her collection was a rusty old garden chair she’d found in storage and dusted down for it’s portrait.

But other, grander items featured too. Paintings of luscious curtains and beautifully upholstered chairs revealed the charmed life of Mafalda. Apart from being a painter, Mafalda is also the Prinzessin und Landgräfin von Hessen – or Princess Mafalda of Hesse.

Luxurious paintings showing homeliness and introspection

interiors and self-portraits

What inspired her paintings are pieces of decor from her home in Rome which she shares with artist Rolf Sachs, son of the late German playboy Gunter Sachs. Her paintings are so beautiful I could have bought the entire collection.

Self portraits: My other favourite

Tai Shan Schierenberg - interiors and self-portraits

Master of portraits as well as self-portraits, Tai Shan Schierenberg features at the Flowers Gallery in London’s Cork Street. His collection is about interiors and self-portraits of a different kind: interpretations on the thrme.

It’s a brightly coloured collection but the small black and white piece above is my favourite. Half man, half woman this might be Schierenberg’s Chinese-Malaysian mother and a German father.

He calls his show Mixed Emotions, a blend of real and imagined memories and a search for a sense of place. Schierenberg, who is now based in the UK, has won awards for his previous portraits. They include a double portrait of the late Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Seamus Heaney and Stephen Hawking,.

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