Best Indoor Plants and How to Create that Scandi Boho Decor Style

plants for scandi boho interior

Some house plants add glitz, colour and atmosphere to a home. They help bring nature into a city apartment. Others simply fill an empty space. But indoor Plants for Scandi Boho style are different. With Scandi interiors famously minimal and bright, accessories stand out more prominently. And Boho lovers look for originality.

We furnish our homes with unique pieces such as rugs, cushions, throws, paintings and photos preferably from our grandparents or travels abroad. Indoor plants need to look a little original too which happens in the way they are arranged. In Scandi Boho we look for a little “drama” – but only a small drama.

That piece of drama could be an oversized fern or a regular fern in an unusual place. That’s either very high up or in a large pot on a small stand. Particularly in the Boho look with a Scandi twist.

But exactly how do you make a house plant look original? By original, we mean it needs to look as if it was specially selected. Maybe there is something odd, or different, in the way it grows. Or perhaps something unusual, something not too perfect and mass produced. Possibly it’s just a plant that’s not the usual supermarket product snapped up at the check out counter.

Where and How to find those special indoor Plants for your Scandi Boho Home

Where do you find special plants? Well, you most likely won’t find them at the super market where plants look as if they have been produced for quick turnover. There, plants are virtually identical.

Your best bet for finding a plant with character is the local market or even better, a large garden centre. And look out for pop up “jungles” – empty shops which are hired for a day or a week. Depending on the brand, it’s often smaller enterprises or solo entrepreneurs who have a passion for plants and take pride in their offer. They hire empty spaces to keep costs down.

Mix up the Boho chic look with a truly Scandi accessory – the Royal Danish porcelain vase (below). We’ve picked an old piece from the attic which adds old style Scandi glamour to a any green plant.

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Other ways to give your House Plant that Scandi Boho Look

The pot in which you place the plant is almost equally important. We never use the dull brown plastic container the plants comes in when you buy it at the centre. Neither do we use the mass produced ceramic pots on sale everywhere. those pots may work well, but they are neither Scandi nor boho. And they are definitely not chic.

“Unique” is the key. Unique is something one hasn’t seen before. It may not be unique to one person, but it will be unique to me… A hand turned ceramic pot gives the plant the appearance of being a one-of-a-kind. Baskets are also super chic and Scandi Boho – the perfect Boho complement to any Scandi plant…

Hanging plant

Hanging Plants – the ultimate Scandi Boho chic living Accessory

For the cool factor, use hanging plants – they’re everywhere and they’re Scandi Boho super chic. The hanging plant raises the eye and opens up the space. When you hang a plant up high you give the illusion that the ceiling is higher than perhaps it is. Or at least it makes use of the height that exists already.

Find plants that are a talking point – friends and guests may ask about the plant (or bump into it) and by having a story to tell, the plant becomes a conversation piece. This is the key to Scandi Boho – every piece in the home is a conversation piece, everything has a story.

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