How to decorate with Scandi daisies

The daisy is the national flower of Scandinavia (certainly Denmark and Sweden) so it’s a nice surprise to see the daisy featuring in lots of paintings this winter. And paintings by Damien Hirst of all people. Some in the North will know that the Queen of Denmark’s nick name is Daisy, so we know how to decorate with daisies.

This (below) was the first painting to catch my eye as I entered the wilder side of the Frieze London super show – until best known for avant garde creations by some of the world’s bright young artists.

This year’s Frieze London was unusually sedate, perhaps a sign that we’re looking for simpler, more peaceful pieces to decorate our walls. How about this seasonally appropriate (December) piece below?

Mystic Package by Claudio Bravo was another interesting piece at Frieze. Drawn in as far back as 1967 it now belongs to a private collector in San Francisco. And then, outside of Frieze at Flowers Gallery in Cork Street, what do we spot?

A pair of scissors! Titled Cut Away is a current work in steel and forms part of Lewis’ kinetic sculptures, made from found materials. Solid, hard objects, but somehow the overall effect is soft and peaceful.

How to decorate with Scandi daisies on your wall

But I return to the daisies which were a fairly, surprisingly recurring theme at Frieze London. The stellar exhibition is usually packed with installations that make you wonder what’s head or tails.

Yet, our favourite plant was everywhere this year. There were paintings, photography of daisy fields and real daisies in planters as part of the decor. There were even paintings of the beautiful, simple flower at this winter’s Affordable Art Fair in Battersea.

Check this fun piece below by Esté MacLeod. Acrylic on linen and titled Jardin de Juin, it’s at the more expensive end of the Affordable Art Fair where pricees have to be below £6,000.

Whatever the price, daisies which feature in photographs, paintings and drawings at the winter exhibitions, we Northerners can’t get enough of them. Particularly white daisies.

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