How to Create Hygge with Gorgeous Cushions

Create Hygge with Gorgeous Cushions

If there is one interior accessory we Scandis associate with Hygge it’s probably the cushion. Here’s how to create hygge with gorgeous cushions. Cushions look smart on the sofa and give comfort – they make us feel cosy at home. And they add style to the overall look. A big, soft, fluffy and beautiful cushion is just so inviting – it makes us want to sit down and relax even more.

And that is what hygge is all about. It will make the most of what would seem insignificant moments. What we at DU like about cushions is the way they dress a tired looking sofa or armchair. And how they brighten up a room, in much the same way fashion changes with the seasons. By changing cushions we change the look and feel of the room.

Luckily, we’re spoilt for choice with more designs, sizes and shapes in cushions on the market. Large, small, round, square cushions, vintage, modern, block colour, floral print, tassel or plain. And from the cheap and cheerful supermarket variety to the arts & crafty one-offs. Then there are vintage and heirloom pieces and the branded designer cushions.

Here are some of our favourite cushions. They all suit the Scandi hygge moments and lifestyle. Some are understated while some are elaborate and and others are just plain fun:

Barely-There Cushions for Low Key Hygge Moments

Cushions make a huge statement for little money – unlike furniture or most other soft furnishings such as curtains. We can change them – or just the covers – when we want to change the atmosphere. Or we can show a different colour scheme for a different season. As we head towards spring and summer we look for light colours, white being our favourite colour.

Cushions on the couch to create Hygge

How to create Hygge with Cushions for Entertaining

Entertaining is a big part of Hygge…style as well as comfort. Having friends over for supper, good conversation and fun. Relaxing in the sofa after a delicious meal and wine is the best part of the evening. Here cushions are an essential accessory to making the evening more relaxed. And to do so in style is all the better – there’s a vast range of stylish cushions on the market and here we show you some of our Scandi style favourites…

Scandi Boho Cushions for the Well-Travelled

One of the biggest trends is Scandi Boho beloved by the younger, well-travelled generation. It’s emerged in the last 20-30 years as a result of easy travel with young Nordic graduates travelling the world before settling down.

While touring they pick up pieces and souvenirs from other countries and cultures and mix them in with their minimalist interior as they return home. Scandi Boho has then become a mix of two very opposite traditions, the purist and the bohemian. There is a clear difference between Bohemian and Scandi Boho in that the Nordic version is more orderly, or rather more curated and tempered than the completely freewheeling Bohemian style.

And cushions are how to create hygge – an excellent and economic way of mixing and matching different artistic traditions using colourful pieces against furniture in neutral tones.

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