Glamorous and Practical Style: Daybed Lifestyle and Decor

How to decorate with a daybed

The word ‘daybed’ has a fine ring to it, something luxurious, slightly decadent and romantic because it’s almost a chaise longue. But it’s the newest must-have item in the Millennial’s first time apartment. It’s so versatile, serving several purposes. The daybed has a glamorous and practical style: How to decorate with a daybed shows the ways it changes the look of a room with the different purposes it serves.

A daybed is a space and money saver. It’s somewhere to sit, sleep and hang out all in one. We look at what daybeds to go for, where to put them, how to accessorize them and turn them into pride of place.

Daybeds have been around forever, most often associated with a bygone age – afternoon naps and cocktails. There is still a sense of glamour and decadence associated with the daybed. But today it’s about chilling. And here’s a daybed that ticks the boxes: it’s both beautiful and cool, perfect for relaxing at home.

The Daybed Couch – a glamorous and practical style: how to decora

Glamorous and practical style daybed gustavian

The Daybed in the Living Room – where to put it …

Featured above is the beautiful wrought iron single daybed in grand settings, placed against a wooden wall. This is a very typical Scandi look – and the mix of grandeur with a simple, almost student bed is brave. But the result is stylish and understated.

The daybed is a cosy place to take that afternoon nap (grab a few cushions and a blanket). It’s light and open up the space whereas a heavy Chesterfield sofa would turn the space into a more “permanent” corner, ie: here is where we sit down.

This daybed is a flexible piece for that spur of the moment need to chill for a while. This daybed is closely related to the Swedish Gustavian style which is also light and breezy, heavily inspired by the French.

Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces – First Time Buyer Apartments

If you have a small apartment or house, a daybed saves a relatively big space. The image below shows a daybed that’s not suitable as a bed of course, but somewhere to “lie down” for a mini-break. Or if you’re reading a book and need to find a place that’s peaceful.

If your living room is large enough, a lazy chair such as the white one featured below is perfect. It’s both glamorous and practical if not quite flexible in that it cannot be turned into a sofa.

The daybed is also the focal point of hygge – the “me” corner where we get to relax in our own company. Relax with a good book, a glass of wine and nobody else to disturb us.

Glamorous and practical style daybed
Why Daybeds? The History of the Daybed

The glamorous and practical style: how to decorate with a daybed was inspired by our featured image at the top. Yves St Lauren’s muse Loulou de la Falaise showed her 1980s sitting room to a glossy book showing French homes. And propped up against a wall is her daybed which is big enough to function as a sofa and wide enough as a bed.

Teamed with beautiful chairs, lots of plants and flanked by pillars and trees, her room looks both cosy and glamorous.

The daybed has been around since BC in ancient Egypt. Back then it was a means to relaxing while still being sociable. It has proved so flexible that today it features in all cultures irrespective of traditions and styles.

Accessorize the Daybed: How to style a Daybed, what to put on it

The daybed comes in all shapes and sizes, but the common features is its lightness. It is not a fully padded piece of furniture like most sofas, but a temporary item that can be moved from room to room.

Some are more elaborate with extensive upholstering and carved wood or wrought iron. But most are stripped of padding. That offers scope for decorating it with lots of cushions and blankets: large square or round cushions in fabric that complements the room.

It’s one of the daybed’s main advantages that we can adapt it to whatever look we hope to achieve in our room. It’s enormously versatile so therefore a clever investment.

People who love and decorate with Daybeds

The glamour and practical style of the daybed has ensured it’s a hit with aspirationals – its close relation, the chaise lounge is viewed as slightly decadent and a must-have among salonistas, the uber sociables.

It’s a regular prop in films where it donotes a certain decadent, laid back lifestyle – for those who have lots of time on their hands.

The French designer and muse to the late great Yves Saint Laurent, Loulou de la Falaise owned the daybed shown at the very top of this post. So glitzy is it that it featured in a heavy glossy French coffee table book about the fines homes in Paris. Here she entertained the cream of fashion designers and artists.

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