Gillian Ayres at the Marlborough Gallery

Paula Rego private view at Marlborough Gallery

Oh joy to be back on the arts scene after lockdown! London’s Marlborough Gallery in Mayfair threw a cool private view, as among the first to re-open its doors. Lots of ice cold white wine and a refreshing collection of art on offer. This show featured the late Gillian Ayres’ large-scale paintings and works on paper.

Ayres’ style is / was exactly what we needed after so many months of gloom. There were lashes of thick oil paint on canvas, bright breezy colours and seemingly just a little bit out of control. A bit on the wild side…

Ayres was, experts say, one of the most accomplished and influential British artists of the 20th century. Many of the pictures on show have not been seen for decades. They are the result of her newfound freedom and happiness following her resignation from her day job as a teacher. She dedicated the rest of her life to painting – often spending several months working on one canvas.

So anyone looking to invest in something for those big, white walls could do worse than buying into Gillian Ayres. She lived and worked in England and Wales from 1930-2018. See some of her paintings below…..

Off Piste Viewing Upstairs – the Paula Rego sketches…

So thrilled were we to be out and about, talking art and lockdown with fellow private viewers! There were quite a few new and old faces, including the BBC’s political broadcaster Andrew Marr and Lord Bethell at the gallery. We sneaked upstairs at the Marlborough Gallery to see what else was on offer – and glad we did!

The collection of sketches and paintings reminded us of what the London art scene used to do so well. It used to put on naughty, funny and pretty art exhibitions! Also there were Paula Rego’s wicked paintings poking fun at whatever pleased her. Here below is our favourite – a painting that would complement even the most modern, minimalist Scandi open plan decor….read also our post on the show at The Arts Club here.

Drawing on paper by Paula Rego at the Marlborough Gallery, London

Paula Rego drawing
Gillian Ayres 1982

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