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First Time Buyer – How to Find Your Perfect Home and Buy It

by | May 16, 2020

  • A daunting task
  • Preparation
  • How to Find & Buy Your Perfect Home Course Outline
  • Become a Smart Negotiator
  • Dealing with Estate Agents, Realtors, Lawyers, Surveyors and Lenders

Buying your own home is one of the most exciting and best things you can do for yourself.

But, of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. At first it seem a daunting and risky thing to do – but with the help of agents, lawyers, family and friends, it is worth it.

And it is both daunting and risky, but most important things in life are and it is a task that should be taken very seriously.

Research and preparation are everything.

With that you’ll have not only a place of your own but an asset that could and should support you for the rest of your life.

How to Find and Buy Your Perfect Home – the Course

At DU we’re putting together a course that teaches you how to prepare and get the best property for you.

The legal requirements of buying a home vary from country to country.

But the process is similar. However, there are many vested interests and buyers who dive in without knowing where to start.

Luckily, the internet is full of good advice and local resources for lawyers, handymen, agents and much more.

The Smart Negotiator – How to handle Lawyers, Realtors and Estate Agents

The course will set you up to become a smart property finder.

And you’ll learn how to become a keen observer and negotiator – the things your lawyers, agent and financial advisers aren’t paid to do for you.

As we enter a new post Covid-19 era, owning a home is as important as ever.

Don’t we now know what it’s like staying in for hours, days and weeks on end – and how useful it is to have an investment to our name?

And although it’s also tough getting on the property ladder and buying that first home, there are more and more lending schemes ot help.

Some are government sponsored and banks and other lenders are more creative in the ways they push their own product, which is money to help sell homes.

Common Problems when Buying a Home

What are some of the difficulties when buying  your first home?

We dream and look for what we believe is our perfect apartment or flat or house.

We are idealise certain areas and want to buy a home there – either because of who else lives there, what shops and restaurants it has or the look and feel of the area.

Or because we know it well.

We trust the experts too much. Or we’re intimidated by their expertise.

Become a Good Negotiator and Land the Best Property

In the DU Guide to First Time Buyers – How to Find and Buy Your Perfect Home – we help you stay in control of the buying process.

The course will set you up to become a dab hand at buying and selling – a skill and talent that will truly help you buy smart.

You will start thinking like a pro and turn your need and hobby even into a career….

To learn how to navigate the buying process and help you get the home that is perfect for you email us to get on the waiting list – see our contacts page.

Happy home hunting!


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