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Home Office - Chic Design Ideas for when you Work from Home

Work From Home: How to Pick Chic Design Ideas for the Home Office

by | Mar 18, 2020

Who doesn’t dream of working from home – or saying goodbye to the commute and to office politics? The desire to set up shop at home can be irresistible. Luckily, it’s a dream many have fulfilled and with the internet and increased work-from-home patterns, most of us have toyed with. On the other hand – with the freedom to work from home come other challenges: loneliness, lack of inspiration and procrastination.

Work from Home Ideas

Bent wood wastepaper basket

Umbra Store

Stylishly white stained bent wood wastepaper basket in super Nordic style.

Winnett table lamp

Soho Home

A beautiful twisted cut glass stem on antiqued brass with off white linen shade.


Grey office chair

Tom Dixon

Working from home at the kithing table? Here’s a gorgeous dining chair to double up as office chair…


But at DU we appreciate many people much prefer working from home – it gives people the opportunity to create their own work environment and decorate the office the way they want to. It’s an opportunity to work in surroundings that please them and bring out the best in everybody.

Having a spare room to turn into a home office is useful, but often a luxury. Here we show some of our favourite looks and home office set-ups, Scandi style… First thought when setting up a home office is the colour scheme. Then style… And then the less exciting bits: Power outlets for different devices, lighting and other logistical consideration. Then the decor…

The Super Chic, Creative, Feminine Scandi Boho Home Office

If, like us at Du, you like pink and the tempered boho look, this is for you (above). Lots of pastel pink and peach colours, some furry fabrics, a super modern chair, vintage accessories and flowers on the table. Here is the near perfect set up – a good, well-designed chair that wouldn’t look out of place in a glass office block, latest IT device, L-shaped desk and a board for notes. And personal accessories to remind us we are…… Working From Home!

Staying at Home: Keeping Work and Pleasure separate

If you’re a proper pro, who does not mix business with pleasure, you’ll most likely prefer this look: efficient, cool and checked.  With this design and layout you might, perhaps, just as well stay at the office… It really is the professional set up at home, where business is kept well away from the rumble and tumble of family or personal life. It’s a gorgeous and clean office with virtully no distractions.

Clean lines, unfussy, simple color scheme and a look and feel that is entirely focused on business. A professional corner at home like this allows you to ‘switch off’. However, it is also a little soulless, a little uninteresting… Below is one of our favourite Home Office looks: the ultra minimalist and super Scandi Working From Home set-up.

Sitting Comfortably: Six Lockdown Lifesaver Cushions

Donut cushion to support back and tailbone


Doctor designed support cushion for back and bottom - 5-year warranty. Quite firm to sit on compared to others cushions. Machine-washable cover.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Soft and comfortable dual sit bone cushion with two holes


Added softness and comfort while lifting the hips up on the seat - also with memory foam, protecting the sit bone from pressure in front of the computer.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Sit bone cushion for working and travelling with two holes to relieve back pain


Our personal favourite and prized possession - helps straighten the back and protect the sit bone from pressure. Can spend hours in front of the computer.

Cushions under £30  |  $42

Pink and white sit bone cushion


Two holes to relieve pressure on lower part of the hip bone, the hamstring, buttocks and waist. Ergonomic contour and a pretty pink.

Cushions under £20  |  $28

HIgh density memory foam posture cushion


Enhanced memory foam, this wedge cushion will contour to the body's pressure points to support and help alleviate pain.

Cushions under £20  |  $28

Soft beige memory foam sit cushion


A lightweight cushion to carry with you to and from the office (or get two). Supports the hamstring, buttocks and waist. Very soft!

Cushions under £20  |  $28

 It doesn’t come more Scandi than this stark, contrasty look. Ice-cool and clean, it could be the setting of a Scandi noir film. It’s for the person who absolutely needs to clear their head before getting down to business… It is for the super organised, tidy or the true aesthetic, someone for whom ambiance is perhaps more important than mere logistics.

Scandi Boho Luxe look...