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Glamorous and Practical Style: How to Decorate with Daybeds

by | Sep 7, 2019

The word ‘daybed’ has a fine ring to it, something luxurious, slightly decadent and romantic because it’s almost a chaise longue. But it’s the newest must-have item in any Millennial’s first time apartment if only because it’s so versatile, serving several purposes. The daybed is both functional and decorative – it’s a space and money saver. Somewhere to sit, sleep and hang out all in one.

Here we look at all the benefits (there are few drawbacks) of having a daybed in your home – what ones to go for, where to put them, how to accessorize the daybed so that it becomes your favourite item at home. Daybeds have been around forever, most often associated with a bygone age – afternoon naps and cocktails. There is still a sense of glamour associated with the daybed – today it’s about chilling. And here’s a daybed that ticks the boxes: it’s both beautiful and cool, perfect for relaxing at home.

Shop Trend: Daybeds

Daybed ivory metal

Maisons du Monde

Romantic style to lift the minimalist look – ivory metal scrolls to take you back in time…


Modern minimalist daybed


Nordic simplicity – tan leather and grey to create this refined and relaxed style, adding an indulgent feature to the living room or hallway.


Single daybed for guest room


Super glam guest bed which looks fabulous in the living room as well as the guest bedroom.

Rooms designed with Daybeds – the Daybed Couch

Hygge provides a sense of community and of belonging to a group of people – your family, friends or colleagues, but also with strangers if you get talking to them at the pub. Community is something that has been getting increasingly difficult and sometimes unobtainable for many people. As the world gets ever more complicated, with political and social battles, some people are feeling increasingly alienated and confused about where they belong and who their crew is.

Ironically, as the internet brings people closer to eachother – but actually closer in a way if you live far apart – the web also makes relations more disjointed and puts more distractions in our way. Hygge is a way of hanging on to our community, but not by posting memes and updates on Facebook and Instagram. Hygge doesn’t exist on the internet, it can only be created in real life and by actually being together rather than looking at each other on a computer screen.

Daybed Ideas for the Bedroom

As people are thrown together and spend so much time together and with limited resources and distractions, they come up with their own entertainment and that is the essence of hygge. A fave substitute word for hygge on campus is ‘social togetherness’ – which sounds infinitely funnier in the Danish translation than in English. It’s code for let’s get together and have a drink or two without actually mentioning the word drink or alcohol.

A spin-off of Hygge is Rå-Hygge which means Raw-Hygge….an edgier kind of hygge that, frankly, means downing a good number of pints. A less refined hygge… Ironically, Denmark has become a major producer of luxury goods from fashion to home decor to food..

All versions of the term means no need for an expensive holiday, a luxury resort, a glitzy party or a popular restaurant. Actually, per definition, to achieve real hygge you sacrifice some of life’s luxuries in order to heighten the bonding experience. Ironically, as the low maintenance vibe of hygge gets international recognition, Denmark has become a major producer of luxury goods from fashion to home decor and food – Copenhagen is a hub for food connoisseurs with some of the world’s top restaurants creating truly boundary pushing dishes. But bonding over nothing – that is hygge. When you can do that, everything else is a bonus and the world looks a much nicer place.

21st Century Classics: Scandi Boho Living

Red country style cusion


A striking red silk & cotton cushion cover which exudes warmth and reminds us of times shopping in foreign street markets. Totally Scandi Boho.


Round plant fibre mirror

Maisons du Monde

A beautifully simple mirror with an exotic vibe - a plantbased fibre frame makes it an on trend mirror on the Scandi wall.


Natural handwoven rug

Soho Home

Natural tones and diamon pattern - the perfect chic rug for the well-travelled puritan. Handwoven in India, it's a mainstay style of the Scandi home.


Daybed Ideas for Small Spaces – First Time Buyer Apartments

Hygge is about warmth and intimacy, about lit candles on the kitchen table and banter and cosiness around the coffee table. It’s about forgetting material things for a while and focusing on the human aspect of being together. Ironically, the clean Scandi minimalist interior design doesn’t particularly lend itself to hygge moments – the bright light in an orderly minimalist sitting room is somewhat at odds with the relaxed after dinner banter.

Valuing human interaction stripped of any pretence is a key factor in feeling happy. One thing that does bind the cool Scandi brand with hygge is the pure aesthetic, the stripping away of everything unnecessary.  One of the reasons why the Scandis are officially the happiest people around will have a lot to do with the lack of fuss and distractions in our lives.

The Daybed in the Living Room – where to put it …

Ostentatiousness is frowned upon, although less so now than it was a couple of decades ago. We don’t need lots of accessories and nick nags around us to feel at home and that sums up the Scandi spirit, particularly the Danish spirit. Hygge is not a new trend, contrary to belief. The word itself has been in use for centuries and widely used as we know it in the 1960s and 70s.

In fact, the word is even used as a parting shot instead of ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you’. It means have a great time. It is only in the last three to four years it has become a buzz word outside Denmark. So hyped is the word that Collins English Dictionary named it as runner up word of the year 2016 – second only to the word Brexit.

Why Daybeds? The History of the Daybed …

  • At home (kitchen, sitting room)
  • Pub, restaurant, cafe
  • The park
  • In the street (an outdoor street party among neighbours)
  • Shopping with friends – buying or window shopping
  • Cinema
  • Bike trip (motorbike or cycle)
  • Sunday drive (older people mainly)

Accessorize the Daybed: How to style a Daybed, what to put on it

The word itself comes form the old Norse word hugr, which means soul, mind and consciousness. Others say it comes from the 16th Century word hugge which means to embrace and comfort. But the first time the word really appeared in the Danish language as we know it was in the 1800s and by the 1970s it was used in everyday language. 

“I må hygge Jer” is a way of saying goodbye – it means “Enjoy yourselves”. Or “Det var hyggeligt”, which means “It was cosy” or more loosely translated: “We had a good time” or “Much enjoyed”. In fact, the word hyggelig, which is the adjective version of the noun hygge, is thrown about and now covers a multitude of pleasant experiences – rather than to think of a word that more precisely describes a situation or occasion, hyggelig is used as mentioned above “det var hyggeligt”.

Super Luxe Scandi Boho

Missoni Cushion

Missoni at Browns

Iconic Italian brand Missoni carries its famous multi-colour zigzag patterns from fashion into the home. Scroll down for more cushion covers.


Classic cream urn

Maisons du Monde

If you've go thte space - garden urn for indoor use as well as outdoors.


Ralph Lauren leather storage basket

Ralph Lauren

Super stylish storage basket - handwoven & stitched leather.


Vintage, Country and Modern style Daybeds …

When your expectations are modest – or realistic – then anything above is a bonus.  The Scandinavian countries dominate the list of happiest in the world year after year – in 2019 it’s Finland with Denmark and Norway second and third – Denmark has also appeared top of the list in previous years. Some argue the welfare state is the foundation for the Danish happiness – indeed, the feeling of security and knowing you’ll be looked after by the state in times of difficulty helps. 

But that doesn’t answer the question as to why so many people with enough private money to not have to worry about the same things are unhappy. Therefore, the political argument isn’t the whole truth. The ability to find pleasure in the smallest and cheapest things is one of the ingredients. Valuing human interaction stripped of any pretence, aspiration and other ulterior goals for seeking company has to play a major factor.

People who love and decorate with Daybeds …

The Scandis look for any excuse to create a little hygge. When we’re indoors watching TV, outdoors jogging, after a game of sport, during a break at college. Hygge often involves a glass of red wine or a beer – occasionally a cup of tea instead. A brisk walk through the snow on a cold winter’s day is often interrupted with a stiff drink (snaps) being offered by a forward thinking soul who’d brought a bottle and enough small glasses to go around. 

At college Millennials gather round park benches for a quick chat about lessons and teachers and then regroup down town later at a local pub for a Carlsberg and some more bonding. Student life is the perfect environment for creating hygge moments.



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