White walls and colours to brighten up the Scandi home

Loving the yellow, red and orange colours on show this year which are perfect for brightening up the Scandi home. This spring we’re looking for fireworks.

And team up those warm colours with my other favourite interior look: the childlike quality of scribbles and forms and shapes that features in many paintings I’ve spotted London’s go-to galleries.

Cornwall painter Terry Frost (1915-2003) is a master of the naive and the abstract: circles, half-circles and swirly lines. He’s on show at Flowers Gallery in London’s Cork Street.

Terry Frost: circles and fun, childlike paintings

Few images fit the minimalist Nordic living space as hand-in-glove as his joyful, cheerful canvases.

However much we like our homes bright and spacious in the cool north, with walls that throw the light round the rooms, we also like to add character and warmth.

Our Skagen painters of the late 19th century used the bright, pure light in Scandinavia to temper their pieces. They’re subtle in colour and themes – but sometimes something more daring are called for.

Sir Terry paintings complement the Nordic home perfectly with their warm orange, yellow, rose and blue colours. There isn’t perhaps so much abstract and bold in colour pieces on display in the north.

Terry’s children of which there are several, and a grandson turned up for the opening of his current exhibition at Flowers this month.

Here you’ll see the shiniest of his paintings from 1966-2003, a show-stopping, fun and quirky representation of a man who lived life to the full while appearing to appreciate the simpler things.

Jack Kabangu: Danish artist’s first solo show in London

Danish artist Jack Kabangu dives into the tribal colours of his native Zambia at an impressive first UK solo show.

‘Smiler gennem smerten’, or smiling through the pain, is his theme and there’s plenty of that displayed in his images at Beers London. Whatever his vision as he launches his spring collection, it’s fizzing with bold, contrasting colours to brighten up the Scandi home

Jack Kabangu : colours to brighten up the Scandi home

Kabangu’s approach seems more complicated than Terry Frost’s. What drives his art seems to be deeper questions of life and philosophical ideas: how one is only capable of experiencing goodness in contrast with badness and heaven versus hell. It’s not really that complicated, but how beautiful.

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