Fruit Display: the Best Georg Jensen Bowl

best georg jensen fruit bowl for a scandi look

Like all Scandis we seek out items that are beautiful, simple and functional all in one. This stainless steel bowl is all of those things: the best Georg Jensen bowl. It is arguably our favourite buy over the last year, epitomising everything Nordic about simple good taste.

The bowl is called the Ilsa mirror polished stainless steel fruit bowl almost too stylish for the kitchen table – but with today’s open plan lifestyle it fits in anywhere.

In a crowded market of things, tools, toys and luxury accessories, it stands out because it is so incredibly simple.

A half circle supported by the simplest foot – no add-on shapes, no carvings, no glitzy rim on top (a Scandi trade-mark look) and just one color.

Whatever fruits or other you put in this bowl it will complement them beautifully.

What are the main benefits of the Georg Jensen Bowl?

Georg Jensen fruit bowl steel
  • The Georg Jensen Ilse bowl is functional – use for fruit, salad or snacks
  • It is decorative – stunning on its own as a show piece on the kitchen shelf or table
  • It is sturdy – in stainless steel, mirror polished
  • Affordable – it is good value for money as a “keeper” from one of the great design teams in the world and from a world class brand

The Stats – What are the Sizes and Variants of the Bowl?

The Stats are as follows:

  • Large: H 10cm/4.06in – D 24 cm/9.45in
  • Medium: H 9cm/3.54in – D16cm/6.3in


  • Small: 6.2cm/2.44in – D12.5cm/4.92in

Why do we like this Georg Jensen Bowl so much?

The Georg Jensen Ilse bowl is bound to be a good investment – the classic look, the Scandinavian vibe and versatility of the piece guarantees it will either stay in production for years or become a collectable.

It is elegant, exuding sophistication. It epitomises all things Nordic and our principles of understatement in design – and it stands out in all settings, whether a minimalist, bohemian or highly ornately decorated home.

Georg Jensen steel bowl with fruit in it

We bought our bowl in Denmark, but you can get yours here – click through to see the different sizes. If you get the fruit bowl please let us know – love to hear from you where it sits in your home and how it works for you. Click HERE to see details and order your bowl from the Georg Jensen Amazon store for quick delivery.

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