How to create Scandi Boho with a Dining Table

best dining table ikea

The Dining Table is the centre piece of the home – but where do you find one that is perfect and affordable? In dining table scandi boho style we features our favourite: and our own purchase. For true home and design lovers IKEA has been a naughty word for decades – flat pack furniture, cheap and cheerful and just a little bit too nouveau.

And for years we have been scouring flea markets, high end antique dealers and eBay for dining tables that look right and are “right”. And it’s difficult and time consuming, and when we did find something that suited, it was either too expensive or already sold.

But things have changed – IKEA have upped their game and rather than churning out dour Scandi box pieces, they are now producing stylish, versatile designer pieces that adapt to the look and culture of individual countries and tastes – be it minimalistic cool or trendy Scandinavian Boho – while still being self assembly and providing the Scandi twist.

Extendable dining table scandi boho style

The Ingatorp extendable dining table is a case in point. We bought and assembled it ourselves and, at £299, or $360, it is one of the best investments we’ve made in our new home. Why?

dining table scandi boho style Ingatorp Ikea

The Benefits of having an Extendable Dining Table

Not everybody is a fan of IKEA, but here in DU Scandiland we definitely are, so here is another extendable dining table – click HERE to view on Amazon – still possible to find cheaper elsewhere…

white dining table ikea ingatorp scandinavia
white dining table ikea ingatorp scandinavia
white dining table ikea ingatorp scandinavia
white dining table ikea ingatorp scandinavia
  • SPACE: If you live in a small apartment and don’t have the space for a big dining table – this table is perfect.
  • DINNER PARTIES: Pull it out easily to entertain friends – this table seats six people easily.
  • FLEXIBILITY: It fits in almost anywhere – works as a corner table in a large room and can be dressed up to add chic to almost any room in the house.
  • MOVABILITY: It’s easy to move from room to room, or home to home…easier than a large dining table.
  • LONGEVITY: Because it is so flexible, the round extendable dining table has so many uses that you never tire of it. Simply move it to another room and it will last longer.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Get two tables for the price of one – a full dining table and a small kitchen table all in one piece.

The Tricky Bit – How to assemble the extendable IKEA Dining Table

Here’s the catch – there is a catch, but it’s worth it. It’s what keeps the price down. The table comes in flat packs with a guide and tools (apart from screwdriver etc) to put it together. But we’ve done it and it’s easy. The guide is completely idiot proof like a cartoon series with pictures illustrating step by step what bits to screw together. 

The IKEA guide in the case of this table, suggests two people assemble it, but we know one person can do it in an hour or two. However, it is heavy – truly a solid table, so two people would need to lift it from the floor once assembled.

SPECS : The Measurements, Weight, Colors etc
  • DIAMETER: 110 cm
  • MAX LENGTH: 115cm
  • HEIGHT: 74cm
  • STYLE: Fresh, traditional with touches of Gustavian and Boho
  • MATERIALS: Woods, including birch and fibreboard – renewable

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