How to beat January blues with bright colours indoors

There was plenty of cool paintings on display at the London Art Fair this week. In our article on how to beat beat January blues with bright colours indoors we pick our favourite wall art of the moment.

White walls, pale curtains and even a white floor make the natural light coming through the windows bounce round the room and create the perfect backdrop to our favourite paintings.

I’ll happily pile white on white and found my seasonal number one, the theme appropriate painting Broken Ice by Emma Stibbon. If ever there was a monoprint, as this one, to make one feel at home.

Another painting which plugged straight into the Scandinavian ‘Janteloven’ was Diana Copperwhite’s Nora.

The Law of Jante: How not to beat January blues with bright colours indoors…

Some may know the Law of Jante. Based around the fictional Danish town of Jante it represents a social code of conduct Jante. Tall poppy symdrome is soon and effectively quashed.

It was the first thing that entered my mind when spotting Copperwhite’s Nora at Flowers Gallery in London’s Cork Street. Whatever her intentions with the painting, it’s subtitle Notes on Lightness, Notes on Darkness is telling.

The 10 rules of Jante Law:

  • Don’t think you’re special
  • Don’t think you’re our equal
  • Don’t think you’re cleverer than the rest of us
  • Don’t imagine you’re better than us
  • Don’t think you’re more knowledgable than us
  • Don’t think you add up to more than the rest of us
  • Dont’ think you’re good for anything
  • Don’t laugh at us
  • Don’t think anyone cares about you
  • Dont think you can teach us anthing

The 10 rules of Jante are laughed at in the Nordic countries, but there is little doubt they chime. They’re the perfect ingredient, however melodramatic, for an egalitarian society.

Beat January blues with bright colours indoors

Another perfect-for-January piece of wall decor is Duncan Grant’s ‘Daisies in a Blue Jug’ (below). Daisies are the national flower of the Nordic countries.

The flowers are white in a pastel blue metal jug – all the more reason to nail it to your bright white winter wall.

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