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DUYourHome.com is the Nordic interiors and lifestyle blog that shows you how you too can transform your home into a haven of light and color and fresh design, and live like “the happiest people in the world”.

At DU, which stands for Danish Universe, our mission is to give you the best, the most interesting & fun, the prettiest & most useful Scandi design tips.

Denmark, Norway and Sweden have long been at the forefront of design and lifestyle improvement with movements such as Danish Modern and Swedish Gustavian – and not least Danish Hygge.

Founded in 2019 by Scandi-born Ulla Kloster, DU draws on her years in Denmark, emersed in a minimalist culture where ‘less is more’.

This aesthetic is true today – hence the Nordic countries’ regular top spot on the ‘Happiest People in the World’ list.

But designers and artists are taking home living to new levels with ever more original concepts.

New home environments such as Scandi Boho, which is a mix of cool Nordic and warm Southern colours, have sprung up, to match Hygge, which is the famously unique way the Danes connect with their surroundings.

At DU we show how a tired old home can be transformed into a Scandi haven with top tips on design and decor and pointers to relevant products online and in stores.

DU is about style, functionality, light and space – it’s about that Scandi touch.