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DU stands for Danish Universe. Here DUyourhome shows you how to transform your home into a Nordic-style haven – wherever you live.

Anybody can add a little Scandi something to transform their livingroom or bedroom into a haven of light, color and fresh design.

We give you some of the best, most interesting, fun, prettiest and useful Scandi tips.

Trendsetters in Denmark, Norway and Sweden lead the world of design and interiors. Movements such as Danish Modern and Swedish Gustavian – and not least Danish Hygge – have stood the test of time.

DuYourHome.com was founded in 2019 by me, Ulla Kloster. Born in the cold north, I grew up with Danish minimalism where ‘less is more’.

This is a way of life that shines through in our design, architecture, art, food and the way we communicate.

Several of our posts explain the Scandi aesthetic – such as Why do we have white walls? Hygge, how to live like a Scandinavian.

Even our post on the more elaborate Swedish Gustavian look shows how we manage to tone down a style – in this case Louis XVI – to suit our own more low key taste.

You may have heard that the Nordic countries regularly top the list of the ‘Happiest People in the World’. Perhaps minimalism and Hygge, the way in which we connect with the environment and with eachother, are part of the the reason why.

Enter Scandi Boho, my own favourite. It the interior style which mixes Nordic cool with hot Southern colours and warmth. The younger generation seems to love that “mixing it up” look and it’s ever gaining ground in the North.

Scandi Boho works anywhere. In some of our posts you’ll see how a tired old home can be transformed into a Nordic-style haven. We feature top tips and pointers to relevant products online and in stores.

DUyourhome is about Nordic design and lifestyle, focusing on functionality, light and space.

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