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DU stands for Danish Universe. At DUyourhome we show you how to transform a home into a Nordic-style haven of light – wherever you live.

We give you some of the best, most interesting, fun, prettiest and most useful Scandi interior tips.

It’s nearly four years since I started DUyouhome.com because – as a Scandi living abroad – I miss the stylish ‘less is more’ aesthetic of the Nordic countries.

In our DU blog, we write about styles such as Danish Mid Century and my two personal favourites which are Scandi Boho and Swedish Gustavian.

Gustavian refers to the beautiful ‘farm style’ launched by King Gustav III in the 18th century.

Gustav III was so impressed by the French Palace of Versailles during a visit there that he returned to Scandinavia and created a pared down version of the furniture he had just seen. It’s that pared down version which took his name. It suited the Nordic aesthetic better than the opulent Versailles look.

One of our most popular posts, however, is ‘Scandi Boho – how to get that chic Nordic look‘. Scandi Boho has proved popular with all generations since the look first came to light in the 1990s. Our post explains how to mix up cool Nordic minimalism with colour and accessories from different cultures.

About Hygge – the Nordic aesthetic

Then there’s Hygge, of course, which runs like a red thread through our lives: in design, architecture, art, food and the way we communicate. One of our posts ‘How to Hygge and live like a Scandinavian‘ explains how it works. And it shows how to get that cosy look and feeling in your own home and in your life.

About DUyourhome and Ulla Kloster

I grew up in Scandinavia surrounded by beautiful, but minimal, design and of course Hygge. It’s a great basis for creating a super cosy home life wherever one ends up living.

And in my blog I try to feature top tips on how to add the Scandi vibe to any home along with interviews and pointers to relevant products online.

I have a sister blog which features Scandi fashion and beauty and is called…the Scandi Look. It’s about making the most of what we have and being happy with it, whoever and wherever we are. Hop over if you’re interested.

But I hope you enjoy our blog DUyourhome and get some inspirational tips on how to create a little bit of the Nordic cool and warmth in your home too.

With best wishes, Ulla

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