5 Affordable Christmas Decor Tips for a Small Apartment

christmas wreath for small space

Luckily Christmas is for anybody who wants it and comes in all sizes and shapes… and it looks great in any home. Whether your home is a big space or a cosy little room or two, you can turn it into a haven in December. Here we have 5 affordable Christmas decor tips and tricks to create a perfect festive spirit in your small home.

1. The Orange decorated with Cloves for Scent

affordable christmas decor tips: orange with cinnamon sticks

The cosiest of cosy Scandi Christmas decor pieces – which works in both large and small homes – is the orange infused with cloves.

It pleases the eye and smells divine, like a warm fire place, cinnamon with hints of a musky fragrance. And it is home made. But remember to ‘update’ it as the orange will ripen and needs renewing. Most Nordics hang the fragrant orange in the window.

2. Affordable Christmas Decor Tips: The Table Top Christmas Tree

Lack of floor space is a common problem in new builds and starter homes but that shouldn’t stop you from going all Christmassy in December.

As indoor plants in general are enjoying a massive boost in popularity it is now also possible to find stunning trees in pots.

Decorate them gently and place them in a corner, in the window or on the dining table.

But pick a mini tree from a garden centre rather than the nearest supermarket. Splashing a few more dollars or pounds on a well-nourished tree grown by professionals pays off.

The healthier looking the tree the greater the pleasure, and the longer it will last.

3. The Pinecone – the perfect Coffee Table Accessory

They are everywhere on the ground underneath the trees, but we hardly notice them. Spray the pinecone with a little white “snow” and place it on the coffee table then we suddenly do notice it.

The pinecone is the cheapest (free) and one of the most charming “special effects” to help create a Christmas vibe. It works with Christmas wreaths and pretty much everything. Hang it in a red ribbon from the centre of the curtain rail or place it on the kitchen table.

4. The Wreath – How to welcome People into your Home at Christmas

Is there anything more heart warming than when you arrive back after along day at the office to the Christmas wreath hanging on your front door?

Even if it’s just an internal front door – a wreath is an easy, low maintenance Christmas decor piece which makes a strong statement as you approach.

5. The Poinsettia – our favourite of 5 affordable christmas decor tips

This is our Festive Season favourite. The ‘Christmas Star’ as the poinsettia is called in in some of the Nordic countries.

It features the Christmas colours, red and green, is gloriously decorative and really has the wow factor.

And it’s affordable. You can get a large plant with several flowers for £10 or less than $15.

But in this case you can find a perfectly nice poinsettia at the local supermarket, look at the garden center. There it will be rather more expensive and the same standard or slightly better.

But this is a plant that is guaranteed to lift the spirit in the cold month of December – those of us living in the cooler North…

white christmas star scandinavian christmas

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