Glamorous start to London’s art week at PAD

20th century design PAD

We stepped back several decades as London’s annual PAD art fair kicked off this week. 20th century design and art at PAD every autumn includes works of art, photography, jewellery and decorative ceramic pieces.

But one of our favourite “installations” every year is the giant tree trunk which shoots through the roof of the marquee in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square. It can’t be cut down, so the gallery owners just have to put up with it.

20th century design and art at PAD

20th Century Master: Picasso represented by his 1960s glass vase

The master of 20th Century art …. Picasso featured too, of course. His glass vase from 1961 was one of our absolute standout pieces. But there were many great impact pieces such as mirrors and unusual ceramic vases.

ceramic mirror

Some of the pieces were pure eye candy, extremely pleasing to the eye. There were beautiful shapes and colours as well as gloss and glamour from some of Europe’s finest galleries.

The PAD art fair differs from some of our other favourite London fairs – such as the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea. There, works are all priced under £6,000. But at PAD there’s precious little on offer for that amount or less. Still, there has to be room for all tastes and budgets.


There were lots of mirrors on show and this one (above) caught our eye. It is decorated with pieces of “candy” – it certainly looks good enough to eat.

What cost-of-living: The PAD 20th century design and art fair featuring glitz and glamour

This was the first PAD fair since 2019, pre-Covid. Back then it was very much a popular exhibition on the social calendar. 20th century design and art at PAD has helped move the London art scene towards a fresher and more modern look. And every year it marks the start to London’s exciting Frieze Fair.

And despite the current, dire political climate there were few signs of any cost-of-living crisis. Private View goers and art experts were dressed in Paris fashion and the champagne was flowing.

Buyers at the 20th century design and art at PAD this year may take time to return to pre-Covid levels of excitement and spending but it’s not for want of beautiful pieces to chose from.

Ophelia: ode to Shakespeare

Over to Massimo de Carlo, the new gallery just a stone’s throw from PAD and Berkeley Square. Massimo de Carlo is actually an established Italian gallery in Milano and Paris, but owners are giving London a try…

First to feature in their launch exhibition is artist Jean-Marie Appriou – here’s our No1 piece in the show titled Ophelia (ode to Shakespeare) is this wall sculpture (pictured below).


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