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Scandi Design Trends 2020 – Colour of the Year

by | Jan 4, 2020

Green is the new gray in Scandinavia this year…but if you’re reaching for the paint pots already, choose your shade with care. 

Designers and home lovers are steering clear of bright greens in favor of more dusty, mossy and earthy tones.

Article Summary:

  • Meaning of the Color Green
  • Green in Interior Design
  • Green in Art & Accessories
  • Green in Crafts

So many things are on offer today – stores are bursting with luxury items and gadgets to make our lives even more fantastic, but the cool Scandis like to keep their feet on the ground.

In 2020 the trend is looking to the past for authentic colours in our homes and with green being a firm favourite, it’s the greens we see in nature that will dominate.

What does the Color green mean?

Picture by Kari Shea

The color green stands for nature, growth, renewal and, of course, environment. Design is all about environment and we’re paying attention to that more than ever.

The Scandis placed the environment top of the agenda decades before it became fashionable – we remember people obsessing about it in the 70s – and today, anywhere you look, they are reaping the benefits

Not only outdoors, but the environment in the home, design, technology, art, comfort, is something the Nordic countries have perfected.

So as we are met with an ever growing offer in the home decor space, the Scandis sometimes hanker back to the past for authenticity.

Hence the current lust for things green. But while the colour also stands for envy, as in green with envy, it mean “spring, renewal and rebirth”.

So what better color to start the decade with than green?

Where do we see the Color green used in interior design?

Green is a great pick-me-up color. So it’s often used in accessories, scattered around the room to lift the more neutral tones such as cream, whites and brown colors.

Ceramic pieces, chairs, sofas, a rug or cushions…they are often green and this year we’ll see more toned down versions of the color.

Such as the metal wood burner pictured above, painted in antique green which both lifts the piece while giving it a calming, lived-in look.

But increasingly we’ll see entire walls painted in subtle greens as more people aim to end the dominance of grays and blues as a secondary color to white and bring the outside into the sitting room.

The Color green in Art and Accessories

Green is also one of the most used colours in paintings – green being a secondary color mixed from yellow and blue – but nevertheless, it’s the color of leaves and grass.

Therefore, it appears in most landscape paintings. Yet, it appears as a subdued background color to whatever else is the star of the painting.

Still Life With Chair by Tom Howse

But as a strong color on the canvas it makes a big statement and helps create a focus or a talking point in the room – not least in a minimalist environment.

As an accessory colour on the lunch or dining table it’s perfect – green napkins, placemats adn coasters. It’ll sit neatly alongside the salad bowl.

We’ll also see more green colour in ceramics. Green shows up beautifully in glazing and set against the colour of a green plant it’s another bold visual statement.


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