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10 best products for hygge as we spend more time at home yellow armchair

10 Best Items to Create Hygge as We Spend More Time at Home

by | Mar 30, 2020

Travelling to glitzy sunny or snowy resorts is all very well and fun – but at DU we are all about the home, wherever that may be. For Scandinavians, home is not just a roof over our heads, it is our creative space, our retreat, where we relax, entertain and recharge. And, increasingly, many of us now work from home too. Whatever we’re doing at home – unless we’re an uber style conscious aesthete going for minimalism – we aim to create as much hygge as possible, a form of Danish karma to make every task a happy or positive one.

Scale Back, Live Slowly… that’s Hygge

Sometimes we scale back, live more slowly and appreciate the small and simple things in life – either out of choice or because we are forced to. It’s what the Scandis do well and it’s the very essense of hygge. There are many ways to create hygge – it’s not just about a coffee table and scented candles. Hygge is about one’s well being, physical and emotional. Here we pick 10 of our favourite finds to help turn your home into a place of comfort whether you’re relaxing, entertaining or working from home:

#1 Cushions, Cushions, Cushions… can’t get enough

Four decorative cushion covers that sum up Hygge

Cushions are just the coziest items in the hygge home. Apart from being pretty or fun they are also super functional. They are a must in every chair or sofa – and if you work from home they are great supports for the back or bottom. We spotted this set of fun linen cushions which speak for themselves. Check them out here on Amazon for prices and measurements and if they would work in your home.

#2 Bringing the Garden indoors with lots of green Plants

Some associate hygge with indoors, but any Scandi can tell you that’s far from the case. Hygge is as much an outdoor vibe – lunch in the garden or on the terrace, picnics on the beach or in the forest. Drinks with friends by the city fountain or at an outdoor restaurant by the harbour (big in Copenhagen)…

The Gold Palm Plant, and pot delivered to your door by Amazon.

But it’s not only the Scandis who are connected to the nature in a special way – as more people move to the cities, house plants have become ever more popular as home feature for those living in homes with no direct access to outdoor space.  The Gold Palm plant is one of the most popular of all indoor plants – it’s low maintenance, pretty and vibrant, lots of value for money.

It simply cheers us up. Have it delivered to your door in a Scandi friendly pot (pale) or another colour to suit your palette – or as shown on the left, in a natural seagrass basket for the Scandi Boho Chic look. One plant will do but, although hygge is never about quantity, plants make an exception: the more the merrier, the more ‘hyggelig’.

#3 Tea Time: Earl Grey or Breakfast Tea… it’s all about the company

Unlike the British whose tea time is a 5pm on the dot, tea time in Scandinavia is whenever the moment lends itself – when a friend pops round during the day or when you crash in the sofa with a book. Focus is on the aesthetic pleasure that the tradition gives us, the company – even if the company is our own – the mood and the teapot, the mugs, cups, the tray or table…Even if we are on our own and about to have a well earned cup with a book or a newspaper (or the mobile) in the comfy chair, we don’t just drop the bag in any old cup. We like the mug to be a nice one.

#4 Wine Cooler Bucket for the serious Entertainer

On the subject of drinking, the Scandis do it well…beer, snaps, gin and vodka, wines and champagne. Drinking is an integral part of the hygge tradition. For us wine drinkers here is a super affordable, fun and very cool wine cooler.  Loving this two bottle cooler with handle (a nifty hole near the top edge) and see through effect – the sight of the ice cubes and always knowing how much is left still in the bottles. There are more glitzy coolers out there, but they are also rather more expensive. This one, and the single bottle cooler are super value – get yours delivered to your home by Amazon here, or see what similar ones are available.

#5 Glamour, Flexibility and a little Pzazz in the Sitting Room with a Daybed

Daybed against white wall for hygge

Metal single daybed frame, shop it on Amazon

We can’t recommend the daybed enough – it’s as cozy as anything, glamorous, practical and is one of the new must-haves in a modern home. It looks fabulous enough to work as a couch and is practical enough to be an extra bed when you need one. Dress it up  with throws, cushions and buffers and it will soon become the focal point in your home.

And as we are currently spending more time in it, it’s easy to get used to somewhere to crash out in between working from home and our daily jog. And when the world gets back to normal, you’ll have a beautiful couch and an extra bed for friends staying over.

#6 Scented Candles…It’s all about Warmth, Cosy and Romance

Ok, we said earlier Hygge is not just about things such as scented candles…but it is ALSO about scented candles. 99 percent of the candles we come across have a fragrance that is either too strong or too weak … but it’s mainly the smell that isn’t quite right. A scented candle is a very personal thing and so therefore only 1 percent of the candles we come across on the shelves catches our eye (or nose). Here’s the 1 percent…we love oud-y and bergamot scents for their warm, exotic, sexy fragrances. They create a vibe and a real hygge moment: It’s Diptyque’s OUD. And they look very Scandinavian: the less-is-more design of the label, the see through container and the creamy colour of the wax…this candle belongs in a Nordic home.

#7 Ultimate Hygge and Cozy Moments with the Shag Rug

Two of the most hyggelig things we know are shag rugs and the colour pink. So here it is, the pink furry shag rug. We’ve picked the pink sheepskin rug (our favourite colour after white), but this rug comes in five perfect colours from white hot pink, camel and grey. It’s deliciously thick (2.5in), machine washable and comes in different sizes. Check it out here, or look around Amazon for more rugs that may suit your home better…but here’s our favourite.

#8 The Comfy Chair for Curling up after a Hard Day’s Work

After drinks with friends, the comfy chair is the first thing we think of when the word hygge is mentioned. It’s very difficult finding the perfect comfy chair unless you’re super lucky, so shop around and save up for a really good one.  You’ll want a chair that you can spend hours in reading a book or watching TV or chatting with friends – throw you legs over the arm rests or curl them up under you.

If you chose style over comfort you might end up not wanting to have a break or relax because your comfy chair isn’t really that comfy. If the chair doesn’t fit in with your decor you can always cover it in a throw or cushions… This one we spotted on Amazon comes in four bright and breezy colours and is super affordable, but check it out and shop around.

Solid oak legs and flame-retardant material, on Amazon

#9 Dressing Gown to Spend more Time at Home with Yourself in…

These days we’re spending more time at home – not necessesarily out of choice, sadly – but either way spend it well.

Picking a super soft, thick, light dressing gown is half the battle.

This is another hygge item on which you do not want to save and cut corners. It’s really worth getting a fabulous gown…it will make getting out of bed and staying at home so much nicer and easier.

Here’s a delicious robe with deep pockets and hood. Comes in different colours with slightly different details.

Shop this one and if you’re not satisfied, return it with no questions asked, we been promised.


#10 Spoil Yourself with gorgeous Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

You may be asleep and therefore not noticing the pillow and duvet covers – you think! That may be true to some extent, but you will as you climb into bed. Here’s a gorgeous set of pillow cases, 1200 Thread Egyptian Cotton cases – very very good and nice to sleep in. It’s £49.99 – not cheap – but worth it..remember it’s about Hygge which is about spoling yourself a little with the things that really matter. Get the set from eLuxury here… Sweet dreams.

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